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Pigmentation Removal: Complete Guide for Dark Spots on Face

Pigmentation Removal: Complete Guide for Dark Spots on Face

Ah! The horrors that come with just a few little marks on your skin. And somehow, it just magically so happens to be a universal phenomenon that these tiny spots create havoc of monstrous proportions right before an important life event (it’s almost always a date, right?) It’s like they just know. Sigh.


If you haven’t guessed yet, the little gang of demons we’re referring to is acne. Yes, that old “friend” of ours that we’ve all crossed paths with at some point of time in our lives. While for some, it’s only a temporary visit, others might have to bear with their not-so-pleasant company for a while longer. 


But don’t worry. It’s why we’re here right now. We’re going to use a little bit of a clever tactic to help distract them. We’re going to slyly introduce acne to their new foe, so they forget all about you while you go on to live your best life. 


So, what’s the strategy? This plot twist comes with the cameo entry of someone that goes by the name of “Salicylic Acid”. We won’t keep anyone waiting any longer and jump straight into introductions.


The Entry


Who is this new entry in our lives? Salicylic acid is derived from beta hydroxy acid, an organic compound that is found in plants and has healing properties. Salicylic acid contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial superpowers that do wonders for your skin. Salicylic acid use is also very common as an exfoliant to scrub out dead skin cells. 


We can agree it’s hard not to want to be curious about them, don't we?


The Plan of Action


Now that the introductions are complete, it’s time to officially welcome them into the story. The cause of acne is attributed to excess oil and dead skin cells that block the skin’s pores. When this happens, bacteria starts to form inside the clogged pores which then leads to inflammation and the pus-filled acne bumps that you see on the surface of the skin. 


Salicylic acid for skin works by unclogging these pores. Basically, this is when they start to confront and challenge your acne (kind of like when you get caught cheating on an exam and your professor becomes perpetually suspicious of you, thinking “this is never happening on my watch again”). 


As a BHA exfoliant, it breaks down dead skin cells and also lowers sebum (oil) production - all contributors of acne.


Any Collateral Damage?


You might wonder if they are too good to be true. While they definitely have more positives, every skin type is different and could react to substances differently. Some minor side effects of beta hydroxy acid or salicylic acid use could include: 


  • Mild irritation or burning 
  • Peeling of skin 
  • Dry skin 


In most cases, however, it’s nothing to worry about and can be easily treated with topical creams or serums, depending on what your dermatologist recommends.


The Face-Off


Mission “Face-Off” is in full force and the time has arrived when acne forgets all about you. Salicylic acid for skin takes many different forms and there are a variety of products you can purchase - from face cleansers to body lotions to toners. If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the skin and has soothing properties, try Kaya’s complete Advanced Acne Care Kit.


It’s just a matter of finding the product, or shall we say “hero”, that can fight your personal villain the best. Always consult a dermatologist to find the right fit for you. At Kaya’s clinics, you’ll find a cluster of superheroes who have successfully fought off the bad guys together, to give you the acne-free life you’ve always wanted. Try it yourself by booking an appointment today.



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