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Hydra Facial Treatment In India: Price, Procedure, & Benefits


Table of Contents

  • What is Hydra Facial?
  • Benefits of Hydra Facial
  • How Hydra Facial Works
  • Hydra Facial Treatment Price
  • Hydra Facial Treatment Step-By-Step
  • Different Types of Hydra Facials
  • How Hydra Facial Compares to Other Popular Facial Treatments
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydra Facial?

Hydra Facial is a patented medical-grade skincare treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection all in one for instant, visible results with no discomfort or downtime.

This cutting-edge treatment uses a device with a vacuum tip that simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities from skin while also infusing it with intense hydrators and antioxidants. This process resurfaces skin while delivering serums filled with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and chamomile extract to replenish vital nutrients and moisture.

What makes Hydra Facial treatment in india truly revolutionary is the vortex fusion delivery system. Using a spiral design, rather than direct suction, it gently cleanses and exfoliates away dead skin cells while extracting impurities in a quick, painless treatment suitable for all skin types. Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from this soothing facial.

Benefits of Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial leaves skin looking clear, glowing and utterly transformed. Some of the instant and lasting perks include:

  • Improved texture and plumpness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable
  • Minimized appearance of enlarged pores
  • More even tone and brightness
  • Reduction in breakouts and acne scarring
  • Smoother, softer feel
  • Restored vital hydration and nutrients
  • Protection from environmental damage

By both deep cleansing skin while flooding it with essential hydrators, Hydra Facial improves skin health from the inside out. Dry, oily, mature and acne-prone complexions can all achieve remarkable clarity and radiance unlike ever before possible from a quick, non-invasive treatment.

How Hydra Facial Works

The brilliant technology behind Hydra Facial sets it apart from other skincare treatments. It consists of four steps completed using the unique vortex device:

Cleansing and Exfoliation

The Hydra Facial device uses a gentle vortex mechanism to cleanse away impurities while also exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface without irritation. This resurfaces skin to allow better absorption of treatments to follow while removing debris that causes congestion and dullness.


After the deep cleanse, the device uses vacuum suction to remove impurities trapped deep in pores. This purifies and dettoxifies skin in a far gentler manner than picking at blemishes with fingers, which can cause scarring.

Hydration Infusion

The hydradermabrasion wand then infuses skin with intense hydrators containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to quench thirsty complexions. These replenishing serums get absorbed rapidly into freshly resurfaced, completely clean skin for amazing anti-aging and smoothing benefits.

Phototherapy with LED Light

Some Hydra Facial treatments end by using LED light therapy. The glow of red and blue wavelengths reduces inflammation and kills acne-causing bacteria while also stimulating collagen production for further improvement of fine lines, elasticity and tone.

The entire Hydra Facial experience takes only 30 minutes, is delightfully soothing and puts you back on your way with gorgeous, glowing skin right away!

Hydra Facial Treatment Price

In India, the cost of HydraFacial treatment fluctuates based on location and chosen enhancements. Typically, a single session falls within the range of 2000 to 6000 rupees. Costs may vary, but the investment offers a rejuvenating skincare experience tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Sr Package Sessions Price Discount Final Price
1 Hydrafacial - Radiance 3S  3   38,500 50%       19,250
2 Hydrafacial-Age Refinement 3S  3   38,500 50%       19,250
3 Hydrafacial - Platinum 3S  3   38,500 50%       19,250
4 Hydrafacial - Signature 3S  3   26,999 50%       13,500
5 Hydrafacial-Clarify 3S  3   29,999 50%       15,000

Disclaimer: Costs may vary based on individual requirements. Consultation with Kaya's experts will determine the optimal treatment plan tailored to your requirements and budget.

Hydra Facial Treatment in india Step-By-Step

Hydra Facial is a completely customizable treatment to suit individual patient needs across all skin types. Here’s a step-by-step look at what to expect.

Before the Treatment

Be sure to arrive to your appointment with a clean, makeup-free face. For several days beforehand avoid using any products containing retinols, benzoyl peroxide or harsh acids that may irritate skin in combination with the Hydra Facial treatment.

During the Treatment

Your technician will walk you through each step of the relaxing 30 minute facial:

  • Cleansing: All traces of dirt, oil and impurities get removed by the hydradermabrasion wand. The vortex fusion spray of skin cleanser feels soothing as it washes skin clean.
  • Peeling: Glycolic and salicylic acid solutions shed dead skin cells and resurface skin to allow for better product absorption. The peach smelling peel solution also has a calming effect.
  • Extraction: The Hydra Facial device uses vacuum suction to dislodge and extract debris inside pores down to their deepest levels, leaving skin decongested. You may feel some mild tugging.
  • Hydration: Intensely hydrating serums containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and peptides get infused into the skin using vortex fusion to smooth and plump. Choose a serum to target your particular skin concerns like fine lines or acne.
  • Phototherapy (Optional): Red and/or blue LED light can get incorporated to reduce inflammation and kill acne bacteria while encouraging collagen regeneration.

Throughout the facial you’ll relax comfortably while the serums and gentle vortex device do all the work to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin.

After the Facial

Immediately following the Hydra Facial you can expect to see glowing, refreshed skin with extracted pores and improved radiance and clarity. Some people experience temporary redness or sensitivity that quickly fades.

Be sure to avoid sun exposure until the following day so skin can heal without disruption. Incorporate plenty of hydration and sun protection into your routine while avoiding abrasive skin treatments for several days to let the Hydra Facial results totally settle in.

Within weeks fine lines start smoothing over thanks to the collagen boost while breakouts and congestion minimize with extended clarity and brightness. Consistency is key for lasting transformation so bi-monthly Hydra Facial appointments work best long-term.

Different Types of Hydra Facials

Not all Hydra Facials are created equal. There are a few main versions and combinations to suit every skin type and concern:

The Classic Hydra Facial

This starter facial includes all the essential steps of vortex cleansing, chemical peel, extraction and hydrating serum infusion for instant glowing skin in just 30 minutes. It’s perfect for regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

The Deluxe Hydra Facial

Building upon the classic facial, this upgraded version amps up the luxurious feel with an extended light therapy session and specialty serum ampoules to intensively target fine lines, texture, tone or breakouts.

The Platinum Hydra Facial

The ultimate, most relaxing experience includes all the perks of the Deluxe while also incorporating lymphatic drainage massage. This massage technique improves blood flow and further calms skin while enhancing the absorption of treatments. You’ll feel like you just spent a week at the spa after this rejuvenating treatment!

Specialty Hydra Facials

Beyond the main options, many technicians also offer specialty Hydra Facials formulated with biocompatible solutions to address concerns like:

  • Acne or oily skin (beta and salicylic acid)
  • Hyperpigmentation (brightening and lightening agents)
  • Signs of aging (powerful peptides and antioxidants)
  • Sensitive skin (soothing botanicals like aloe and chamomile)

Discuss your chief complexion concerns with your technician beforehand so they can recommend the optimal custom Hydra Facial treatment in india to take your results up another notch.

How Hydra Facial Compares to Other Popular Facial Treatments

While Hydra Facial stands alone when it comes to instantly revealing amazingly healthy, radiant skin, other popular facials offer their own benefits. Here’s how Hydra Facial stacks up against competitors:


Microneedling creates microscopic punctures across skin’s surface using tiny needles on a roller device. This stimulates wound healing and the production of collagen and other remodeling proteins for gradually improving scars, wrinkles, texture and tone over time. It doesn’t extract blemishes or deliver instant brightening like Hydra Facial but makes an excellent companion treatment for boosting long-term anti-aging effects.

Downsides of microneedling include bleeding, redness that lasts several days and higher risks of infection or scarring if not performed properly under sterile conditions. As the most non-invasive but highly effective resurfacing and infusion facial HydraFacial causes no discomfort during or after.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in varying strengths that correspond with how deeply they dissolve away damaged outer skin layers using solutions like salicylic acid, glycolic acid or trichloroacetic. More aggressive peels lead to more extensive healing time during which skin looks red and feels extremely dry and tight before peeling away to reveal fresher layers. Hyperpigmentation can also develop without proper sun protection during healing.

While chemical solutions used in HydraFacial lightly exfoliate they don’t remove entire damaged layers the way peels do. Instead HydraFacials infuse skin with soothing and protective ingredients making them far less irritating while producing amazing instant illumination.


Dermabrasion uses a rapidly rotating brush or burr to remove upper layers of damaged skin. This invasive resurfacing method penetrates far deeper than HydraFacial’s gentle vortex peel and carries higher risk of permanent scarring if not performed with expertise. Redness and pain can last for weeks or months after.

HydraFacial avoids abrasion completely and the complexion-enhancing results speak for themselves. Plus there’s no downtime so you can immediately return to normal activity.

Laser Treatments

Lasers can selectively target acne bacteria, brown spots and uneven texture. But they involve heat which can burn if not administered properly. Multiple treatments are usually needed for incremental improvements that add up over time. They also rarely include extraction or hydrating serums like HydraFacial does.

Combining lasers and HydraFacials works wonderfully to both purify and nourish skin while targeting specific damage like red or brown discoloration. For overall glow in one quick session, HydraFacial can’t be beat though when it comes to both instant and lasting complexion perfection.


In summary, the Hydra Facial Treatment in India emerges as a pinnacle of innovation and quality within the skincare domain. Powered by cutting-edge technology, its adaptable treatments and swift outcomes promise a revitalizing journey for those in pursuit of luminous, refreshed skin.

Whether you aim to tackle particular skin issues or indulge in a lavish skincare regimen, the Hydra Facial Treatment price in India presents unmatched advantages with its minimal discomfort and downtime. Embark on the enchanting journey of Hydra Facial Treatment and reveal the innate brilliance of your skin today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydra Facial Treatment In India

Q1. Is Hydra Facial suitable for all skin types?
A1. Yes, Hydra Facial is safe and effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Q2. How Much Does HydraFacial Cost?
A2. Hydra Facial price varies depending on the location and specific enhancements chosen. On average, a single session ranges from 2000 to 6000.

Q3. How often should I get a Hydra Facial?
Depending on your skincare goals, a series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.

Q4. Is there any downtime after a Hydra Facial?
A4. No, there is minimal to no downtime after a Hydra Facial, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.

Q5. Can I combine Hydra Facial with other skincare treatments?
Yes, Hydra Facial can be combined with other treatments such as microneedling or laser therapy for enhanced results, but it's best to consult with your skincare provider.

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