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Jun 21, 2023

Dads' Self-Care Revolution: Break Stereotypes, Prioritize You

Welcome to the self-care revolution for dads! In a world where we often associate self-care with moms, it's time to break the stereotypes and acknowledge that fathers deserve some of that good old pampering too. Fatherhood comes with its unique set of challenges and responsibilities, and it's easy for dads to neglect their own well-being in the midst of juggling work, family, and other commitments. But guess what? It's time to put yourself first and prioritise your needs. Today, we're here to empower you to celebrate your individuality and discover the joys of self-love and self-care. Celebrate this Father’s Day with Kaya, let us help you de-stress and put your worries aside for a bit.

The Changing Face of Fatherhood

Fatherhood has evolved tremendously over the years. Fathers are no longer limited to the role of the sole provider of the house. They have become nurturing caregivers, active participants in the lives of their children, and true partners in parenting.

This Father’s Day, take a look at one aspect of self-care that you may not have considered as of yet, which is hair treatment. Kaya offers laser hair reduction for men, a modern solution to address unwanted chest hair. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to shave or wax regularly, and embrace a more permanent solution. Laser hair reduction can give you the confidence to feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin. Imagine the freedom of enjoying beach days, sporting activities, or simply feeling confident without the constant worry of chest hair. Treat yourself to the luxury of smooth, hair-free and low-maintenance skin with Kaya's specialised hair treatment for men.

Finding the time to exercise and achieve your desired physique can be challenging in your busy life. Daily commuting, work stress, meetings and more, leave you exhausted and too tired to make out time for exercise, we at Kaya understand that. Here’s where CoolSculpting comes in, a non-invasive body contouring treatment, that can help you achieve the results you desire without the need for surgery or extensive downtime. This innovative technology targets stubborn fat pockets, freezing and eliminating fat cells. With CoolSculpting, you can sculpt your body, boost your confidence, and feel more comfortable in your own skin. As they say, if you want to feel good, you must make yourself look good. Embrace the power of self-transformation and discover a more confident and healthier you with CoolSculpting.

Skincare is not just for women; it's for everyone, including dads! Kaya's beauty facials are designed to address specific skin concerns and provide a rejuvenating experience. Whether you're looking to combat signs of ageing, reduce pigmentation, or improve your overall skin health, there's a facial treatment tailored to meet your needs. Indulge in a relaxing and revitalising facial that will leave your skin refreshed, glowing, and ready to take on the world. Treat your dad to some well-deserved pampering youthful and radiant skin.



This Father's Day, it is time to embrace the self-care revolution. Celebrate this special day by honouring yourself and prioritising your needs. Show your loved ones that self-care is not just a trend but a fundamental part of a happy and healthy life. Treat yourself to a hair treatment for men, explore the wonders of CoolSculpting, or indulge in a rejuvenating beauty facial. Gift your dad the care he so rightfully deserves. And, if you are a dad, this is just the time to start taking care of yourself. Let this be the start of your self-care journey, a commitment to your well-being that extends far beyond a single day.

Dads, it's time to rewrite the narrative around self-care. Embrace the changing times, break free from stereotypes, and prioritise your own well-being. Kaya is here to support you on this transformative journey, offering specialized treatments designed to cater to your unique needs. Remember, self-care is not just an indulgence; it's an essential component of a happy and fulfilling life. So, go ahead and take the first step towards embracing self-love, because you deserve it. Happy Father's Day 2023!

May 08, 2022

Dear Mom, I Am Beautifully Yours!

Dear Mothers, 

We write this letter to you today as we celebrate an extremely special occasion. 

Today marks one day out of 365 where we get the golden opportunity to celebrate, appreciate and honour you, so we’ve decided to make the most of it, because at the end of the day, no amount of words would do justice in describing your worth! 

And the reason we’re saying this to you today is because the rest of the days you’re busy looking after others. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, running errands and multitasking, you seem to make everybody's life perfect around you… but what about you?


Maybe you didn't realise it, but we were watching you the entire time you were watching us. We witnessed you give up on your dreams, happiness, sleep, me-time, and even a spot in the family photo just to capture us with a big wide smile!


So today we’ve decided to be honest with you and tell you a few things we hate about you -


  • We hate the way you keep yourself from crying! Today, we want you to promise us that you would treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you show everyone else.


  • We hate that you don't let yourself get a good night’s rest. Isn’t your health and well-being as important as your families?


  • We hate that you never take a break and constantly push yourself harder to complete your daily to-do list. It’s perfectly okay if you miss out on the laundry or skip a day of your daily house chores, don’t you deserve some rest too?


  • We hate how you hide your ambitions and goals. You raised us with the belief that we could conquer the world with our talents; why should the same not apply to you? Maybe we can even make a plan to execute them too?


  • We hate how you stop yourself from having any fun. It’s time for you to dance to your favourite tune, rather it’s time to make some new moves too!


  • We hate that you never spare time for yourself, when you can remove time for everything else, why not some quality “me- time” for yourself? 


  • We hate how you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. Were you aware that we brag about how flawless you are, how well you've raised us and how we take pride in calling ourselves, beautifully yours?


And to give you back the “me-time” you deserve, not just on the occasion of Mother’s Day, but every day. Kaya is here with a special team of 100+ expert dermatologists and skin care specialists that curate treatments from over 60+ luxury skin care products, having 18 years of understanding Indian skin unlike any other. 


So today when you look in the mirror, we hope you see that wonder woman hidden. The one who has inspired and changed the lives of people around her. The one who has shown us what it really means to be selfless. She’s protected, loved and cherished in the way only a mother can.


You are the light that leads us out of the darkness. You are the love that fills our hearts and motivates us to keep going. You inspire us, astound us and uplift us. You are the beauty the world requires, and today we take pride in saying that we are beautiful yours!





Apr 12, 2022

Navigating New Normal: Safety and Precautions

It’s no secret that we’ve been living in very strange, uncertain times. This is probably also a sentence you’ve heard on repeat over the last 2 years (yeah, I know, even we can’t believe it’s been that long already *sigh*), accompanied by the words “new normal”, “social distancing”, “wear your mask”, “sanitise your hands”, and lest we forget the most different one of them all, “wash your hands to the count of the song ‘happy birthday’.”


We all remember when it first happened — we’re talking about none other than “he who shall not be named”. Just kidding, maybe if we took Covid’s name enough, just maybe, even he’d get tired of it.


It’s something none of us could ever imagine happening in our lifetime. It’s something none of us had ever experienced or known before — the confusion and hope, all at the same time, that it would go away soon *cough*, the franticness with which we would pull out the sanitiser everytime anything made its way home from the outside, the looks of horror shot our way if we accidentally and innocently sneezed/coughed in public, and really just how surreal the whole thing was.


Ah, the nostalgia. This is not to live in denial and say that we’re past the difficulties. The pandemic is still very real and out there. But one thing has changed for sure. We’re all better prepared this time. 


And at every Kaya skin clinic, we want to make the “new normal” feel like the “old normal” where we free you of all your worries by making your safety, along with that of our staff, our first priority.


The entire staff at every Kaya skin clinic is 100% certified on all safety procedures and leave no stone unturned when it comes to implementing and adhering to these measures. 


Let’s walk you through some of the 60+ WHO compliant safety protocols we follow diligently at each Kaya skin clinic: 



Pre-Booked Appointments and Client Self-Declaration 


At Kaya, we would only accept pre-booked, limited number of appointments given the current scenario, until the situation improved. We also encourage our clients to fill up a self-declaration form that provides us with necessary information on their health status to ensure everybody’s safety.


Socially Distant Seating in Every Lounge


While you wait for your appointment, we’re mindful that this needs to be a comfortable and safe space too. All seating arrangements are placed at a safe distance as per social distancing norms.


Temperature Checks 


Temperature monitoring is a routine check that we conduct for both, our clients and staff, so as to avoid putting anyone at risk.


UVC Sanitisation 


Each and every skin clinic, each and every room within the clinic is sanitised thoroughly using UVC radiation which is highly effective as a disinfecting agent. Rooms are also sanitised before and after every individual session.


SITRA Certified PPE Kits for Staff 


Our staff is geared with SITRA certified PPE kits to bring you a contactless and safe experience.


Disposable Clothing for Clients 


For our clients, hygiene and safety is guaranteed by offering fresh, clean clothing during service that is disposed off right after treatment.


Digitised Billing and Payment 


Gone are the days when we relied more on cash. All clinics are mandated to make your bills and method of payment digital to make this a contactless and seamless experience as well.



If we promise you a luxury skin clinic and overall service, then we’re also promising you the best of Kaya safety. While we slowly move into the beginning of the end - and yes, we will get there - we will continue to work together in making that a reality sooner rather than later.

Apr 12, 2022

Love Yourself and your skin in your own way | Kaya #MyLoveMyWay - Blog

Love is a strong word. A difficult word. A confusing word. A word that’s easier said than done. 


But it is also a compassionate word. A joyful word. An exhilarating word. And above all, a word that brings people closer together. 


For as long as the existence of time, we have made it a point to make everyone else’s business, our business. It’s almost as if humans were gifted with the instinct to sense when someone is about to make a choice that brings them happiness, and then make it their mission to “put you on the right path” with their unsolicited opinions. Yeah, those aren’t welcome either. 


And the instance we most commonly see this happening with is the choices you make for your own body and what makes you feel beautiful. When an individual - be it across gender or sex - decides to undergo any kind of cosmetic treatment, the first reaction is to criticise and ridicule, without a second’s thought to what it means for the individual themselves. 


But this is a story about love. This is when love is easier said than done — when you know what it means to love yourself and what it means to feel beautiful in your own skin, but to have to fight that societal battle to stand your ground. 


Let’s not forget, though, we also did say that love is something that brings people closer together. It’s because of the same love that today we see a hopeful shift towards more inclusive beauty — where we slowly but steadily grow to appreciate and admire beauty in all its forms, in all its genders. 


The Kaya Life is your forever Cupid, not just on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, but every day. We are your partners in giving life to the thought that #BeautifulIsYou — both inside out. 


To work its magic on the inside, our special team of 100+ expert dermatologists and skin care specialists curate treatments from over 60+ luxury skin care products, having 18 years of understanding Indian skin unlike any other. 


And for the outside, Kaya skin care clinics have 600+ customised services to offer for your every need. 


We also understand that sometimes you may need some help to feel more like yourself through cosmetics that aren’t “natural” in its form — Botox and Fillers being some examples. But love is about acceptance in every form and we’re bringing to the forefront a few pampering skincare treatments and products for you to embrace without judgement. #MyLoveMyWay is the belief that will take you all the way!


Treatments for Young, Firm, and Glowing Skin: Profhilo, Botox, and Fillers


  • Profhilo: Made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA), these are injections that stimulate collagen production to build new cells and give you younger, firmer, and more hydrated skin
  • Botox: A protein that stems from Botulinum toxin, Botox injections are used to visibly reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles. The effects typically last 3-4 months 
  • Fillers: Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers are composed of a few compounds including Hyaluronic Acid to fill up areas of the skin to make them look more plump and reduce fine lines


Anti Aging Products to Reduce Signs of Ageing: RetinoBoost Serum and Antox Vit C Serum


  • RetinoBoost: A combination of Retinol, Niacinamide, and Matrixyl 3000 to reverse early signs of aging. Retinoids help produce more collagen to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000 and Niacinamide work in similar ways and also help keep moisture intact. It’s a great over-the-counter face treatment for glowing skin
  • Antox Vit-C Serum: One of Kaya's best sellers in skin serums, it is rich in the goodness of vitamin C that helps fight free radicals. These free-flowing molecules result in oxidative stress which can alter and cause damage to your skin cells. Oxidative stress can be a cause of prolonged exposure to the sun and its UV rays, which can make your skin age faster to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant that can significantly protect against UV damage to keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful 


Treatment for Smooth, Hairless Skin: Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal or laser hair reduction works using heat from a laser light that destroys hair follicles under the skin. Destroying hair from its follicles ensures that hair grows back much slower and when it does, that it grows as fine as “baby hair” — as Cupid, you know we can really appreciate this one. The results are long-term to leave your skin feeling smooth perpetually.


Of all the kinds of love, self love is the most powerful. Self love is unabashedly selfish and we love self love! It’s when you start to take care of yourself and glow on the inside that it automatically shines on the outside. It’s when others start to see your light and soak it in to appreciate you for your true self. So, be selfish and love yourself for a change. Because to love yourself in your skin is is to mean that #BeautifulIsYou. 


And if you ever need Cupid, we’re just a click away. Book an appointment online here to treat yourself with the best self-care beauty products and skincare treatments. #MyLoveMyWay is your mantra today and everyday!



Apr 12, 2022

Revitalize Skin with AHA, BHA, Vit-C & Retinol Serums

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when life gives you skin concerns, turn it around into something beautiful. There are some things that we cannot control like when your boss finally decides to be happy with you or when your skin decides to act up on its own schedule, but there are certain things that are within control like doing your best anyway. 


It’s when you start to believe in the magic of turning things around that there’s a change for the better. In the instance of skin concerns, we call it Kaya’s “Magic Potions” — a world class range of skin serums that are curated and crafted by  100+ expert dermats to bring to life the truth of “Beautiful Is You.” 


Here’s what these magic potions are and how they cast a beautiful spell on your skin.


The AHA BHA Serum Range: Kaya’s Skin Crew


Popularly referred to as  Kaya’s “Skin Crew”, this is an AHA BHA serum range, in which AHA BHA are types of hydroxy acids that remove dead skin cells to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It has three skin potions under the category: 


Sia: Acne Corrector 


Sia works her charm as one of the very popular BHA exfoliating serums that’s made with Salicylic Acid, Zinc, Tea Tree, and Chamomile Oil to unclog your pores and give your skin a calming, soothing effect. It’s meant to heal acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, and also prevents future breakouts. Find this magic potion here.


Nia: Dark Spot Corrector 


Nia is an illuminating balance of Niacinamide & Azeloglicina with drizzles of Grape Seed Oil and Licorice to fight pigmentation and give you brighter, more radiant looking skin. It makes for a great choice of a face serum for glowing skin. We’re shining a light on this skin serum here.


Gia: Texture Corrector 


Gia is a polished combination of Glycolic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid enriched with the sweetness of honey for enhanced hydration, exfoliation, and improved skin texture for a fresh glow. You can smoothly make your way to this range of skin serums here.


RetinoBoost Serum: A Dermatologist’s Super Favorite Trick!


An anti-aging face serum, the RetinoBoost encompasses Retinol, Niacinamide, and Matrixyl 3000 that are all dominant compounds used to reverse the early signs of aging. Retinol for anti-aging is perhaps the most common of them all. Retinoids facilitate your skin to produce more collagen that helps visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000 and Niacinamide work in similar ways and also help keep moisture intact to give you glowing skin.


Antox Vit-C Serum: Our Clients Love this Magic!


One of Kaya's best sellers in skin serums, the Antox Vit-C Serum is rich in the goodness of vitamin C that helps fight free radicals. These are free-flowing molecules that can result in oxidative stress, too much of which can alter and cause damage to your skin cells. Oxidative stress can also be a cause of prolonged exposure to the sun and its UV rays, which can make your skin age faster to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant that can significantly protect against UV damage to keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful. A few drops of this Vitamin C magic potion a day, goes a long way! 


Brightening Day Under Eye Serum: The Ultimate Lifting Spell!


This Brightening & Firming Eye Serum works as an under eye serum that wards off puffiness and boosts firmness around the eyes. A fusion of soy and rice peptides with seaweed extracts aids water retention, removes accumulated toxins, and heals inflammation to give you even-toned and hydrated skin. This potion does wonders for your under eye by tackling fine lines, wrinkles, and under eye bags, owing to its divine botanical extracts to amaze you with radiance that will have you spellbound. 


While we continue to learn about these magic potions, we all need help from time to time on how to cast the right spell. When left wondering about “how to choose the right serum for your skin”, be sure to always consult a dermatological expert, or shall we say “wizard”, to understand which course of action is best suited for your skin. Now go on and Reparo-Skin-Problemos by trying your own magic here!





Apr 12, 2022

Dark Spots On The Skin: Causes, Treatments And Self Remedies

Oh, the darkness! No, it’s not a bad thing. A lot of us have been conditioned to believe (mostly owing to the category of folks who would preach more than they practice) that having dark spots on your face means the end of the world. One may also wrongly be of the impression that dark spots on face are permanent and just like people who force you to watch ten minutes worth of footage of their babies doing absolutely nothing, that there is no way to escape them.


However, the reality of the situation is quite different. It might be harder to get out of watching that video than it may be to find a solve for your dark spots. Dark spots are not your nemesis. It is a fairly common occurrence and most people will have to face them at some point of time in their lives. 


Often also referred to as pigmentation on face or sunspots on face, let’s learn a little more about its causes, prevention, and treatment.


Causes of Dark Spots on Face


Pigmentation on face stems from a biological compound produced by our body known as melanin. Melanin is responsible for producing and providing pigment that gives colour to your skin, hair, and eyes along with serving as a protective barrier from harmful UV radiation that damages our cells, through absorption of this radiation. 


Now, when the skin produces an excessive amount of melanin, that can lead to hyperpigmentation which in turn results in dark spots. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by several factors such as: 


  • Repeated sun exposure 
  • Scarring 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Ageing 


However, it is important to note that not every dark spot may be pigmentation or sunspots, which is why it is always best to first consult with your doctor before starting any preventive measures or treatment.


How to Prevent Dark Spots 


You don’t have to wait for dark spots to make themselves known to your skin before you wake up to them out of nowhere one fine day. There are preventive measures you can take early on to reduce, if not completely avoid their chances of coming into your life uninvited. 


A few simple yet effective steps you can take to keep hyperpigmentation at bay are: 


  • Don’t step into the sun without wearing sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher 
  • Wear protective gear such as sunglasses, a hat, covered clothing to protect skin from UV damage 
  • Treat skin inflammation at the earliest 
  • Wash face thoroughly and clean hands before touching your face 
  • Hydrate regularly to flush out toxins


How to Treat Dark Spots 


In the instance that these little guys are relentless and manage to nudge their way through — a lot like the unwanted guest who can’t seem to grasp the most obvious of hints (read: “I have a doctor’s appointment” to which they respond with “I’ll see you after”) — it’s not a lost battle. There are ways in which you can do some damage control. 


Here are some hyperpigmentation treatments you can consider: 


Self Remedies 


This is a good option for less stubborn visitors.


  • There are some organic ingredients that are naturally rich in properties to help reduce pigmentation and you can use them to prepare masks at home. These include apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, green tea extract, licorice extract, coconut milk, to name a few.
  • Additionally, store bought alternatives in the form of retinol creams or AHA acids can also be useful. You can try Kaya’s Dark Spot Corrector made of Niacinamide & Azeloglicina with a touch of Grape Seed Oil and Licorice or the Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex Cream with Zelaic Acid and Phytic Acid that inhibit tyrosinase to reduce spots and further darkening of existing marks.


Professional Treatments


In case of more permanent guests, you might have to consider professional help. How to remove black spots from face can include these skin treatments offered by our clinics at Kaya: 


  • Chemical Peel for Pigmentation or Intense Clarity Peel: A highly effective, combination peel that makes use of derma peels and botanical actives, with natural skin lightening and depigmentation properties, to leave your skin healthier and with a more even skin tone.
  • Laser Treatment for Pigmentation or Insta Clarity Laser Action: This service uses a Q-Switch laser that penetrates your skin to target only the pigmented spots, leaving other areas unaffected. It is effective on both superficial and deeper pigmentation.


Read more about these services in detail here. Join the Kaya Life with 100+ skin care specialists who curate products especially for you. Being around for 18 years, we understand Indian skin (and sentiments) better than anyone. Book an appointment online today. Remember, it’s never too late to tell unwanted company goodbye! 



Apr 12, 2022

Unlock Radiant Skin: The Power of Vitamin C Serum

As if we didn’t already feel like all of the world’s problems come and rest on our shoulders, there’s a whole bunch of other worries thrown our way — yes, we’re looking at you, skin concerns. 

It can all feel like too much, trying to juggle between life and self-care. 

However, a solution is always in near sight. You would probably deal with your life problems by talking to your best friend who acts as your unofficial, self-appointed therapist, or you would make the choice to see a professional therapist for guidance and to improve your overall wellbeing. 

Similarly for your skin, there is one saviour of an ingredient that helps you through a lot of your skincare worries — Vitamin C, the therapist for your skin. It understands everything your skin goes through on a daily basis and much like therapy (with your friend or a professional), it is well-versed with every nitty-gritty of your life (in this case, skin), empathises with it, and knows how to uplift you instantly!

From sun exposure to wrinkles and fine lines, let’s go on to see why Vitamin C serum is used and some of the areas of expertise our skincare therapist specialises in. 

Sun Exposure and Ageing

We all have busy lives to lead and this sometimes can inevitably mean increased and consistent exposure to the sun. However, when skin is exposed to the sun for too long, it can cause visible photo damage owing to ultraviolet or UV rays. These rays can result in what is known as “oxidative stress” that occurs within your skin, and it attacks healthy skin cells to modify their structure. As a result, your skin ages faster to develop fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and therefore, adding any Vitamin C serum for face to your daily skincare routine can significantly help protect against UV damage.

Sun Exposure and Pigmentation

Not only do UV rays contribute to ageing but they also interfere with melanin production that induces skin pigmentation. Pigmentation is when your skin starts to form dark spots and this commonly occurs with repeated exposure to the sun. 

Vitamin C for pigmentation has proven to be effective in combating the process by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin. 

To prevent the effects of UV damage such as wrinkles and pigmentation, you can try the Kaya Antox Vit C Formula face serum.

Inflammation and Acne

The cause of acne is attributed to blocked pores that when left untreated, can result in inflammation, swelling, and redness. It’s a rather unpleasant experience, as we all have encountered at some point in time in our lives. 

Vitamin C serum benefits also include anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and soothes the skin, which in turn means it also improves the appearance of acne scars — you know the thing that relentlessly decides to overstay its welcome.

Collagen Boost and Hydration 

If you ever wished for that one secret magic potion for your skin, in this case let’s call it a “skin glowing vitamin”, it’s this. Another reason why Vitamin C serum is used is to boost collagen production which is one of the main building blocks of the body. It promotes strengthening and hydration of the skin — both of which are important to give you younger, finer looking skin.

However, just like therapy in real life, skincare too takes work and consistency until you eventually see results. It is also important to consult your dermatologist before the use of topical treatments to ensure the best results and avoid any potential side effects. Book an appointment with your ultimate skincare therapist here!

At Kaya, we also have a special team of 100+ skin therapists (dermatologists) who guide you by curating products and treatments meant specifically for your skin type. With 18 years of understanding Indian skin, we strive to make you believe that the only truth is that “Beautiful Is You”!


Apr 12, 2022

Meet the Skin Crew: Your New Besties for Flawless Skin

The song that goes “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” is now old news. A girl’s new best friend is literally her best friend - the human kind. A diamond may add some sparkle to your attire but it’s not the same kind of sparkle that lights up your eyes when you know that your best friend knows exactly what you’re about to say without you having to actually say it (read: cute guy approaching). 

Your girl crew becomes your support system — they feed you with positivity and upliftment and nourish your life with happiness. Today, we introduce you to a unique fantastic crew that you’re absolutely going to fall in love with. They’re a group of three vibrant yet calming charmers who are sure to literally get under your skin in the most fun way and make you look fab inside out!

At Kaya, we lovingly call them the “Skin Crew” — the kind that acts as super food for your skin, just as your girl gang feeds you with tools needed to live your best life, our skin crew has the super power to help you create your best beautiful!

Without much ado ?:

Meet The Skin Crew: The AHA BHA Range of Serums 

The Skin Crew is Kaya’s new range of AHA BHA Serums. AHA BHA are types of hydroxy acids that exfoliate and cleanse the skin by removing dead cells. AHA BHA uses for skin problems are plenty, such as inflammation or acne, uneven skin tone, and improving skin texture. 

AHA is an abbreviation for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. These are organic acids that typically peel away your skin to give way for new skin cells to take their place. BHA, on the other hand, stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid and these are oil-based compounds that can penetrate the skin deeper to remove excess oil and clear dead skin cells and your pores.

Meet Sia: Acne Corrector

Sia is the girl to count on if you’re ever feeling stuck and need a quick solution that has long-term effects. Kind of like when you aren’t making any progress with your crush and that one text she writes on your behalf magically sends you off on your first date with them.

Sia is a BHA exfoliant with a fine blend of Salicylic Acid, Zinc, Tea Tree, and Chamomile Oil to unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling soothed. It not only works on acne, whiteheads, and blackhead, but also prevents future breakouts. Meet her in person here.

Meet Nia: Dark Spot Corrector

Nia is that friend who lights up any room she walks into. She’s the life of the party and her personality is all rainbows and sunshine. Even if she ate the last slice of your pizza, you can try but you probably won’t be able to stay mad at her because of how annoyingly (we’re just jealous) vibrant she is. 

Nia is composed of Niacinamide & Azeloglicina with a touch of Grape Seed Oil and Licorice to help pigmentation and give you brighter, more radiant looking skin. Can’t wait any longer? Say hello to her here.

Meet Gia: Texture Corrector

Gia is your go-to who will smoothly convince your parents that you’ve been safe with them all along (you know, when you’re actually out dancing the night away), after you receive a hundred missed calls from mom. You feel comforted just being in her presence on a rough day. 

Gia packs within her a combination of Glycolic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid enriched with the sweetness of honey so your skin remains exfoliated for improved texture and hydrated for a fresh glow, both at the same time. You can find her here.

If these ladies don’t convince you that the BHA and AHA benefits for skin are unmatched, then we frankly don’t know what will. Our Skin Crew also includes personalised services of 100+ expert dermatologists to curate a special experience that will lead you to flawless skin. 

Treat your skin to the super food it deserves and get your old friends to join your new ones to become one big, happy Skin Crew! Bring your girlfriends home today. Don’t know where to start? Book an appointment online and we'll help you out.


Apr 12, 2022

Pigmentation Removal: Complete Guide for Dark Spots on Face

Ah! The horrors that come with just a few little marks on your skin. And somehow, it just magically so happens to be a universal phenomenon that these tiny spots create havoc of monstrous proportions right before an important life event (it’s almost always a date, right?) It’s like they just know. Sigh.


If you haven’t guessed yet, the little gang of demons we’re referring to is acne. Yes, that old “friend” of ours that we’ve all crossed paths with at some point of time in our lives. While for some, it’s only a temporary visit, others might have to bear with their not-so-pleasant company for a while longer. 


But don’t worry. It’s why we’re here right now. We’re going to use a little bit of a clever tactic to help distract them. We’re going to slyly introduce acne to their new foe, so they forget all about you while you go on to live your best life. 


So, what’s the strategy? This plot twist comes with the cameo entry of someone that goes by the name of “Salicylic Acid”. We won’t keep anyone waiting any longer and jump straight into introductions.


The Entry


Who is this new entry in our lives? Salicylic acid is derived from beta hydroxy acid, an organic compound that is found in plants and has healing properties. Salicylic acid contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial superpowers that do wonders for your skin. Salicylic acid use is also very common as an exfoliant to scrub out dead skin cells. 


We can agree it’s hard not to want to be curious about them, don't we?


The Plan of Action


Now that the introductions are complete, it’s time to officially welcome them into the story. The cause of acne is attributed to excess oil and dead skin cells that block the skin’s pores. When this happens, bacteria starts to form inside the clogged pores which then leads to inflammation and the pus-filled acne bumps that you see on the surface of the skin. 


Salicylic acid for skin works by unclogging these pores. Basically, this is when they start to confront and challenge your acne (kind of like when you get caught cheating on an exam and your professor becomes perpetually suspicious of you, thinking “this is never happening on my watch again”). 


As a BHA exfoliant, it breaks down dead skin cells and also lowers sebum (oil) production - all contributors of acne.


Any Collateral Damage?


You might wonder if they are too good to be true. While they definitely have more positives, every skin type is different and could react to substances differently. Some minor side effects of beta hydroxy acid or salicylic acid use could include: 


  • Mild irritation or burning 
  • Peeling of skin 
  • Dry skin 


In most cases, however, it’s nothing to worry about and can be easily treated with topical creams or serums, depending on what your dermatologist recommends.


The Face-Off


Mission “Face-Off” is in full force and the time has arrived when acne forgets all about you. Salicylic acid for skin takes many different forms and there are a variety of products you can purchase - from face cleansers to body lotions to toners. If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the skin and has soothing properties, try Kaya’s complete Advanced Acne Care Kit.


It’s just a matter of finding the product, or shall we say “hero”, that can fight your personal villain the best. Always consult a dermatologist to find the right fit for you. At Kaya’s clinics, you’ll find a cluster of superheroes who have successfully fought off the bad guys together, to give you the acne-free life you’ve always wanted. Try it yourself by booking an appointment today.



Mar 31, 2022

Inclusive Beauty: Embracing Transgender Day & Safety

For the longest time, there have been two worlds in existence. One world that discriminates and the other that welcomes you with open arms as a consequence of that very discrimination. 

But what happens within the two worlds is not too different from one another. They seek out the same human experiences — to embrace laughter and joy. To feel loved. To feel safe. To feel a sense of belonging.

These are shared experiences on the inside. Despite the difference in the way both worlds look on the outside. 

Our world, however, believes these are meant to be celebrations reserved for people who look like us. Quick to shun, unwilling to learn or understand. 

But their world, on the other hand, opens its doors, asking you to step in and celebrate with them. Compassionate, already having walked miles to create a place for themselves — even if only away from everyone else.

It’s once you walk through those doors that we come to see that the only difference between us is the difference in the way we treat each other. That at the core of it all, we’re just the same. We’re human. 

When someone compliments you, not one face is left without a smile. 

When your loved ones disregard what’s important to you, you tend to withdraw.

When a stranger shows you kindness, gratitude is felt in multitudes. 

When you feel unheard, it’s easy to feel like you should drown your voice. 

The difference simply lies in exclusion versus inclusion. What separates us is our way of thinking. It is when we come to realise that the exterior cannot change who we are at heart — human — is when we slowly come to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

In collaboration with PeriFerry, an equal employment opportunity organisation for the Transgender community, we are working towards building a more inclusive space within the world of Kaya. 

Across our Kaya skin clinics, we are extending employment opportunities within the Transgender community because we believe the responsibility to introduce change begins with us. For too long, people have been left out for who they are. 

We have always been advocates for embracing what makes you feel beautiful. This is true for every single individual and we want them to know that they are heard. 

To celebrate the day of Trans Visibility, also known as International Transgender Day of Visibility, Kaya hopes to show its support for Transgender inclusion today with a marker of an event that is close to the community’s heart, to symbolise support for a lifetime. Along with the aim to provide employment for all, we also want to provide a safe space for 20,000 Transgender individuals who have been marginalized from having equal access to medical inclusion. Kaya’s initiative is geared towards distributing sanitizer bottles across to equip these individuals with the care and safety they need during the current times.

The one universal truth we believe in is that Beautiful is You. And this holds true not just for what is on the outside but also on the inside and the kind of world we aspire to create for people around us. Inclusion is beautiful. Making people feel loved is beautiful. Making people feel like they belong is beautiful. And above all, creating a world that is safe for everyone is beautiful. #BeautyInSafety




Mar 20, 2022

Unlock Radiant Post Holi Skin with Ultimate Reclaim Package

It’s the most colourful time of the year with the celebrations of Holi right around the corner! We all love the splash of gulaal, the friendly attacks of water guns and balloons, the collective giggles when you transform into someone unrecognisable in the aftermath. 


However, there is one truth that weighs heavy on us when all of this is over — how do we get our skin healthy and back to normal? 


Kaya brings to you the most efficient solution for post-Holi skincare — #TheHoliTherapy with the Ultimate Skin Reclaim Package. 


This package consists of some tried and tested Holi skincare tips and helps detox, exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin with the best post-Holi skincare services to tackle every skin concern step-by-step. Here’s what you can expect: 


Step 1: Detox and Hydrate with an Aqua Facial


To begin, we detox and hydrate the skin using advanced Aqua therapy. This is a face smoothing treatment that utilises high-grade water jet technology infused with salicylic peel that seeps deep into the skin to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and even fight acne with excellent capabilities.


Step 2: Q-Switch Laser Tan Removal


Now that we’ve worked to detox and hydrate our skin, we aim at getting rid of the tan and pigmentation. 


Kaya’s Q-Switch is a superior technology that targets all types of pigmentation of varying intensity - from superficial to deep rooted such as uneven skin tone, patchy skin, and dark spots. 


It works by using a beam of light that penetrates the melanin or brown pigment in the skin. 


The surrounding skin remains unaffected. The procedure is absolutely safe, pain free, requires minimal time with no downtime, and results are achieved within just 6-8 sessions. It is advised to use sunscreen regularly in order to avoid further pigmentation.


Step 3: Nourish and Restore with a Curated Skincare Range


The final step is to nurture your skin and keep it that way on a daily basis with these essential products:


  • Sensitive Cleanser: Start by routinely washing your face when you wake up and before you go to bed. Kaya’s Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is specially formulated to be gentle on the skin without causing dryness or irritation. It contains natural fatty acids and proteins that help balance the pH of your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and hydrated. 
  • Toner: Using a toner on your skin has multiple benefits such as cleaning and reducing the appearance of pores and blemishes, intercepting pigmentation, and tightening/firming the skin. The Kaya Acne-Free Purifying Toner is a delicate blend of calming botanicals such as cucumber and witch hazel. A touch of Niacinamide formulation evens out the skin tone and minimises pores, while cucumber and witch hazel rid you of impurities and give your skin a radiant glow. Mandelic Acid, a mild AHA, helps exfoliate dead cells from the surface of the skin and helps reveal brighter and smoother skin.
  • Moisturiser: Kaya’s Super Hydrator is built to create a moisture lock on your skin that gives you a hydration boost of up to 80% that lasts all day long. It keeps your skin soft, supple, and healthy and strengthens your skin by enhancing its barriers. 
  • Sunscreen: It’s important to protect the skin from UV damage caused by sun rays. The Kaya Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50 serves a dual role of UV protection and hydration. With a high SPF of 50 and non-greasy texture, it creates a protective layer against sun damage to prevent premature ageing while boosting cell regeneration and oxygenation.
  • Hydraboost Night SerumMask: When everything is done, call it a day with the Intense Hydra Boost Night Serum that gives you brighter, tighter, and softer skin. Infused with Rose extracts, Glycerin, and Hyaluronic Acid, this serum acts like natural collagen by forming a protective layer and helps make the skin tight. Deep moisturisation contributes to improved skin texture, making it soft and supple. It acts like your own personal, face smoothing treatment at home.


Don’t hold back on your celebrations when you have the best skincare package to look after your post-Holi skincare.To know more about these services, book an appointment for consultation online. We can’t wait to see you at our clinics for the Ultimate Holi After-Party!



Mar 08, 2022

Embracing Individuality: Women's Desires Unveiled

If there’s one thing we can all universally relate to as women, it’s that we’ve always been told what we want. Never has society once thought to ask us about our own wishes and desires. 

The instances are countless. From your entire neighbourhood becoming “kundli” experts thinking they have a say in who/when you should marry, to the whole public deeming themselves your personal stylist having an opinion on your outfits, to your fitness trainer telling you what you can and cannot eat (okay, this last one’s obviously a joke). 

Ps. But yeah, on my cheat days, I do want to stuff my face with some greasy fries and juicy burgers instead of grazing on some leaves. Duh. 

People always seem to think they know what’s best for us but this Women’s Day and every day hereon, we’re reclaiming our narrative, our way. 

While they may think that all of our life goals are restricted to perfecting those round rotis in the kitchen (you know, the roundness of the rotis is directly proportional to your chances at finding a husband) and then feeding those rotis to your family, our desires are a little more “out of the box”. 

We take pleasure in the simple joys of life. A basic self-care day - whether it’s a quick tutorial on “how to take care of skin” or whether it’s lying perched on the couch bingeing on your favourite show, can do wonders for our happiness more than finding a husband ever could. 

Then, there are also battles that we have to fight in terms of beauty standards. Many common beauty stereotypes that revolve around your weight, skin, and general appearance. Why must this be another thing that is pre-decided for us? That society assumes there is only a singular idea of what it means to be beautiful? 

What women want is really, to be honest. If getting a beauty treatment that helps you feel like your best self is what you want, then that’s what you should get. If staying in bed all day and snacking on carbs is what you want, then let no one tell you otherwise. To be yourself is beautiful. And beautiful is you.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and your skin to celebrate yourself, there’s no other place to be than here. Kaya offers 600+ customised services that are guided by 100+ world class dermatologists and skin care specialists, to bring you 60+ expert, state of the art luxury skin care products, and 18 years of understanding Indian skin like no one else. From laser treatment for hair removal to anti-aging treatment, we have something for all of your individual beauty needs.
For some special Women’s Day skincare and TLC, all you have to do is walk through the doors of one of our skin care clinics. We don’t believe in telling you what you want. Instead, we let you tell us what ‘you’ really want and we only work towards making it a reality! This is your world. We’re just here to celebrate you. We’re here to celebrate women. Book an online appointment with us today.

Jan 13, 2022

Best Laser Hair Removal: Advanced Technology for Indian Skin

“Laser hair removal”. A term you’ve probably heard time and again, and wondered if this is just another one of those things you’re supposed to do now because everyone else is doing it. 


Kind of like being around couples all the time (we see you, Instagram, with all those wedding pictures and stories). So, you most likely jump into something “casual” just to feel like you fit in. The treatment of laser hair removal, though, is anything but casual dating. Hear us out, we’re getting to the point. The case in point here being that just like the concept of dating, we have no choice but to evolve and advance with the times. 


Today, dating is much more progressive. You can choose your partner, or you can have your partner chosen for you, or you can simply choose yourself - no, really, only recently there was news of a woman who chose to marry herself. It’s no longer “one size fits all”. It offers something for everyone.


Similarly, there was a time when laser hair removal was only recommended for people with dark hair and light skin because of safety reasons, but that’s old news now. It can start off casual, possibly head towards a live-in relationship, and finally culminate into a long-term commitment. Or you could choose not to commit at all. The beauty of it is that it’s only for you to decide.


But while we’re at it, we will say that this can be the partner you choose - a worry-free and safe treatment to give you a life (almost) free from all unwanted and troubling hair growth. 


The only way to know for sure is to experience it.


As for all those questions you have? Let’s get them out of your hair (literally too, if you like).


Do I Really Know Them?


We understand no one can really get involved in something without having a background on the matter. So, what is laser hair removal exactly? 


A laser machine resembles the shape of a “gun”. The tip of the gun is a flat surface that is massaged around the targeted parts of the skin. This gun emits a laser light, and the heat from the light reaches your hair follicles, under the skin, to destroy it. Destroying the hair follicle prevents hair from growing again, or in most cases, it grows back much slower, weaker, and finer. The procedure is often also called “laser hair reduction” for this reason.


Should I Keep it Unofficial First or Go Right Into it?


When starting a new relationship, there are always apprehensions on whether you should take it slow or jump right in because “what if it’s not for me”? 


If it’s your first time with laser hair removal/laser hair reduction, it’s always advisable to first consult your physician so they can better understand your hair growth. Once you do this, you are always free to ask for a trial session to begin with. If you feel like this is something for you and it’s suiting your skin, you can go ahead and see it through for the longer run.


At Kaya too, our in-house experts closely assess treatments for every individual and recommend sessions accordingly.


“I Don’t Want to Get Hurt”


Nobody wants to be hurt by something they put their trust in. Laser hair removal treatment is usually painless. At the most, it feels like little pricks. Although areas with more dense skin hurt much less, in areas with more sensitive skin such as the underarms or bikini area, there is a possibility you will feel the effects of the laser slightly more. However, experts are sure to use soothing or numbing gel first, before running the laser over your skin. Both, the client as well as the expert are also required to wear protective eye gear.


You can trust that you will be in the best hands with our professionals across all Kaya clinics. 


Laser hair removal side effects are only minimal with possible redness, swelling or discomfort. However, this is usually temporary and most people carry on with their regular lives right after. 


In case of more severe side effects, consult your doctor.


How Much Work Will this Relationship Take?


It might seem like a lot of effort at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty smooth sailing from there. Typically, a person is recommended about 6-7 sessions, with one session a month. 


The time for each session varies too - for example, the bigger the body part such as legs or arms, the longer it takes. You can even break up your sessions into smaller body parts, so you don’t have to sit for too long at once. 


Now, just as every relationship is unique, so is the case from person to person with permanent hair removal. Depending on the type of hair growth, some people may require fewer or more sessions than others to see longer lasting results.


Is the Commitment Worth it?


We can vouch for this one. Permanent hair removal is a short term investment for long term benefits.


It’s always a two-way street to make something work, though. It’s important that you look after your skin post-treatment. It’s best to speak to your dermatologist but general care involves avoiding direct sunlight on treated areas, and tending to sensitive skin. You can consider the Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen or Kaya Tea Tree And Honey Purifying Body Wash for post care. Tea Tree and Honey are both highly effective ingredients to soothe the skin.


Laser hair removal benefits include: 


  • Delayed hair growth 
  • Finer, smoother, weaker hair minimising its appearance 
  • Lesser growth 
  • No hassle of continuous waxing, shaving is much quicker and only when needed 


If we may say so, body hair is kind of like your husband. You get pretty used to having it around but it’s only when you get time off that you embrace the freedom. And when you do get together again, it’s a much smoother experience.


Is this Going to be My “Forever”?


Now, for the big question: “Will they stay?” 


The procedure is permanent hair removal in that it is actually permanent hair “reduction”. While, for some skin types, it may work as well as halting hair growth altogether, for others, it will permanently slow it down and give you finer, almost baby-like hair growth. 


In conclusion, yes, the benefits are here to stay forever.


Consider this a long love letter professing why we feel you should give us your hand in “becoming more than friends”. You just have to take that leap of faith and we’ll be on the other side waiting for you. 


So, is that a “yes” to our proposal?

Dec 30, 2021

Holiday Skin Glow-Up: Quick Party-Ready Tips

You know, the funny thing about the holidays is that it tingles you with a weird sense of nostalgia and cheerful spirit, but it can also be accompanied by a feeling of being overwhelmed.  The truth is there’s planning, and then there’s pre-planning for the plan. Now, your plan would probably include buying presents for your loved ones, a special outfit for New Year’s, supplies for that house party you’re about to throw for your friends, who let’s be honest, are in all likelihood going to turn a blind eye to noticing the cute little star-studded vase you swapped for an old one that originally had a cat print on it. It’s all for the big day.  But your pre-planning starts much ahead of time. And it all starts right inside your mind. The little things like saving pictures of decor and outfit inspirations, figuring if you want to go big or keep it small this time around, and as is almost always the case — wondering how in the world you’re going to get your skin to glow in so little time. You probably might even set up a calendar schedule to align everything.  While we can’t promise that your friends are going to notice your new vase this year, we can promise to help make your skin glow just in time for the New Year!  Here are some skin and body treatments that are a must try ahead of the big day:

Party Peels

Party peel treatment is a type of chemical peel for the face that is typically done keeping in mind a reduced recovery time before an event.  Party peels are usually milder, which means post-treatment scarring or redness is minimal, and its effects may last for a shorter period of time, as compared to more intense chemical peels. However, this is precisely the job they are meant to do —  get you party-ready in just one sitting.  Party peels work almost as an exfoliating mask that is applied on the face to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface to leave your skin soft, glowing, and rejuvenated. 

Vampire Facials

A vampire facial, sometimes also known as a “vampire facelift” or “PRP facial”,  might sound intimidating but it does come with its benefits.  How it works is through the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) that is found in one’s blood. In this procedure, blood is drawn from the person opting for the treatment. The blood is then put through a centrifuge machine which separates the PRPs from it, which once exposed to air, start generating individual growth hormones of their own. The platelets are then injected back into the necessary areas of the body/face through PRP facial injections to work their magic.  The benefits of a vampire facial are many — increased collagen production to regenerate skin cells, improved skin tone, texture, visibly reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of ageing to give you younger and smoother looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Nobody wants to deal with constant visits to the parlour where your parlour lady never fails to remind you how much your hair has grown since you last saw her.  Laser hair removal, also known as laser hair reduction, is a long-term fix to rid you of all unwanted hair woes (and your parlour lady’s innocent taunts).  This treatment works using heat from a laser light that destroys hair follicles under the skin. Destroying hair from its follicles ensures that hair grows back much slower and when it does, that it grows as fine as “baby hair”.

Glow-Up At Home 

If all of this seems like it requires too much of your time that hasn’t found its way into your calendar, you can always opt for quick, at-home treatments.

  • Kaya’s Blueberry and Vitamin C Peel Off Mask comes with Blueberry that contains antioxidant properties to do away with dead skin cells and brighten your skin, along with the benefits of Vitamin C that helps even out skin tone to leave you glowing. 
  • Kaya Charcoal & Tea Tree Mattifying Peel-Off Mask is packed with activated charcoal and tea tree oil that rids your pores of excessive oil and deep cleans them, giving your skin a fresh, matte feel. It also works as an effective preventive mask to fight off acne.

Whatever your preference, at Kaya’s clinics, we offer safe, personalised treatment for every skin type, and our in-house expert dermatologists are here to give life to your resolutions by gifting you with the glowing skin you desire this festive season! Book an appointment today.

Nov 21, 2019

Tips For Eating Well

Beauty treatments, facials, hair, and skin products will only take you so far. But to truly make these external regimes work for you, you will have to dig a little deeper. To look healthy on the outside, you need to be healthy on the inside. Get that clear, glowing skin and luscious, thick hair with a wholesome, healthy diet full of unprocessed, wholesome foods. For all your health and beauty goals, check out these simple yet effective tips for eating well.

Have Regular, Timely Meals

Are you guilty of binging on cheese popcorn at midnight or gobbling down chips endlessly? Plan your meals more efficiently with proper gaps in between, around two to two and a half hours. This will curb you from snacking in between meals and you can finally get off those hunger pangs as well. Swap your snacks for fruits, healthy nuts or low-fat yogurt.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Having a hearty breakfast will help you keep track of having regular meals as well. As you go through the day, your metabolism slows down as well. So, if you skip breakfast, which is also when your metabolism capacity is at its peak, you will tend to go all out for lunch or dinner, when your stomach is already tired and starting to wind up for the day.

Go for a big breakfast every morning full of whole grain cereals, low-fat milk or yogurt along with some fruits or vegetables.

Eat Five Portions Of Fruits And Vegetables A Day                                                                 

We all know how essential it is to get our daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from fruits and vegetables. But we still tend to skip eating them. For a wholesome diet, you should aim for at least five portions of fruits and veggies a day.

Cut Down On Saturated Fats And Sugar

Cut down on foods like meat pies, sausages, hard cheese, butter, pastries, cakes and biscuits as these contain high levels of saturated fats which are bad for your cholesterol. Instead opt for unsaturated fats found in vegetable oils, oily fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Unlike saturated fats, unsaturated fats lower cholesterol levels.

Cut down on foods with added sugar along with sugary soft drinks and fizzy drinks as these tend to have high levels of calories. But be sure to drink plenty of water, at least 6 to 8 glasses a day.

Try To Eat Less Salt-No More Than 6 Grams A Day

Seventy-five percent of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy like breakfast cereals, soups, sauces and ready to eat meals. So, you could easily be eating more salt without realizing it which can raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke than people with normal blood pressure.

Along with eating healthy, it is also important to be active and aim to be at a healthy weight. Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet will help you get closer to total fitness.


Keep Your Hair Healthy This Season With These Quick And Easy Tips!

Nov 21, 2019

Get Party Ready with Trendy Looks and Smooth Skin!

A new year has begun and it’s time to wave goodbye to all the age-old fashion trends that you’ve been following. To add some sparkle to your party calendars, we are here with the top party looks that are in this season!

And while you try to get your hands on these trendy looks, let us tell you that flaunting them with silky-smooth, hair free skin is just what you need to carry these looks with sheer grace!

If you’re the one who loves making heads turn with your impeccable style and smooth skin, laser hair removal is that party saviour that you shouldn’t miss out on!

If you’ve made a note of the parties that you’ll be attending in the coming months, here are the most trending looks that will make you look party-ready in an instant!

The Top 4 Party Ready Looks

1. The In-Trend Halter Neck


Halters are the next big thing in town, aren’t they? Be it a top or a dress, halter neck adds its charm to any attire and gives you an absolute chic look for any event! Wearing a halter neck dress with minimal accessories is your key to looking like a flawless party girl!

2. Snazzy Crop Tops And Minis


A crop top paired with a velvet mini skirt is the perfect definition of party styling! Mini skirts are your gateway to flaunting your smooth legs. As comfy as this outfit is, a mini skirt is sure to make you look like a diva no matter what the occasion!  

3. 90s Slip Dress


If you’re all set to get party ready, this stylish spaghetti sleeves will turn your A game on!  This trendy outfit is what you need to pull on the ‘on the dance floor’ look! And what better than spaghetti sleeves letting you flaunt your smooth, flawless underarms? This posh outfit is utterly synonymous to total sophistication.

4. Dreamy Laced Off Shoulders


For a party that demands you to turn into a gorgeous princess, a laced off shoulder dress is your calling card to getting this look. The laced off shoulders add a delicate yet glamorous touch to your party ready look. And what better than marrying this dress with hair free, smooth skin? No wonder, this style will truly transform you into a stunning princess!

The Best Way To Getting Smooth, Hair Free Skin

If you’re investing so much of time in choosing the perfect party outfit then why not make your skin party ready too? Here’s how laser hair removal will give your skin the perfect makeover it needs!

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal gives you the freedom to flaunt your favourite looks without making you conscious about your body hair! This service uses US FDA approved laser technology which gives you smooth, hair free skin. This technology targets the hair follicles right from the roots and helps you get rid of any chances of hair ingrowth. The dermatologists at Kaya take a three-step approach by analysing your skin type, conducting a patch test to check your skin sensitivity and customizing the laser hair removal treatment accordingly. With this approach, laser hair removal is sure to make you look your best at any occasion with silky-smooth, hair free skin!

Ready to light up your party with a flawless look? Book an appointment at Kaya today!

Prepping up for the summer? Here are the 4 summer ready looks that you must try.

Nov 21, 2019

The Perfect Face According To Facial Symmetry

Have you ever fought for that spot which would capture your most photogenic angle while someone clicked your picture? That is what facial symmetry is based on! Here’s how the perfection of a face can be measured using facial symmetry.

What Is Facial Symmetry?

Could you have ever imagined that your childhood enemy ‘maths’ would team up with beauty? That’s right! Facial symmetry is the study of beauty which is combined with mathematical analysis. In simple terms, a face is symmetrical when both its left and right side looks alike or shares a maximum similarity. It has been studied that the beauty of those having a symmetrical face is likely to be more captivating. This is because such a face is processed by our brain faster.

How Is Facial Symmetry Calculated?

Don’t worry, we aren’t starting off with any formula!  Previously, facial symmetry was known to be based on the golden ratio 1:1.618 also called as phi. But, Dr. Stephen Marquardt made this concept more interesting by developing a beauty mask that incorporated all the dimensions of phi. This beauty mask uses a mathematical, computerized facial structure that is able to measure the attractiveness of your face.

Pampering Your Natural Beauty With Kaya

Ageing is the evil that attacks your face with wrinkles and sagging skin over time, taking away your youthful perfection. Kaya offers the dermal filler treatment which helps you in regaining your flawless features. The expert dermatologists at Kaya go through a rigorous training which qualifies them to perform cosmetic procedures. At Kaya, the safety of clients is always considered to be the number one priority.

Ready to enhance your natural beauty? Book an appointment at Kaya today!

Haven’t heard about dermal fillers? Here’s everything you need to know about dermal fillers.

Nov 21, 2019

5 Things You Feel After Getting A Beauty Facial

We all need a pampering session for us every once in a while because ‘treat yourself’ is the motto we swear by! Beauty facials are a great way to feel pampered as well as to provide your skin with the TLC it deserves. While they do renew your skin making it look healthy and radiant, they also make you feel really good. Here are the 5 things you feel after getting a beauty facial.

1. I love my face! So glowy, so rejuvenated. Why don’t I go for these more often?

Courtesy: GIPHY

2. I have never felt so confident in my own skin. How can a beauty facial be so powerful?

Courtesy: GIPHY

3. I feel so happy now that my skin looks brighter and healthier, giving a feeling of being renewed. Can’t wait to show it off!

Courtesy: GIPHY

4. NEED to take a selfie because it’s a good skin day today.

Courtesy: GIPHY

5. Can’t resist touching my face. It feels soooo smooth!

Courtesy: GIPHY

These feelings are relatable, aren’t they? Then no need to hold yourself back from experiencing all of these feelings. Book an appointment with Kaya today for an expert led beauty facial

Find out How To Get The Perfect Complexion With Kaya’s Beauty Facials here.

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