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Meet the Skin Crew: Your New Besties for Flawless Skin

Meet the Skin Crew: Your New Besties for Flawless Skin

The song that goes “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” is now old news. A girl’s new best friend is literally her best friend - the human kind. A diamond may add some sparkle to your attire but it’s not the same kind of sparkle that lights up your eyes when you know that your best friend knows exactly what you’re about to say without you having to actually say it (read: cute guy approaching). 

Your girl crew becomes your support system — they feed you with positivity and upliftment and nourish your life with happiness. Today, we introduce you to a unique fantastic crew that you’re absolutely going to fall in love with. They’re a group of three vibrant yet calming charmers who are sure to literally get under your skin in the most fun way and make you look fab inside out!

At Kaya, we lovingly call them the “Skin Crew” — the kind that acts as super food for your skin, just as your girl gang feeds you with tools needed to live your best life, our skin crew has the super power to help you create your best beautiful!

Without much ado ?:

Meet The Skin Crew: The AHA BHA Range of Serums 

The Skin Crew is Kaya’s new range of AHA BHA Serums. AHA BHA are types of hydroxy acids that exfoliate and cleanse the skin by removing dead cells. AHA BHA uses for skin problems are plenty, such as inflammation or acne, uneven skin tone, and improving skin texture. 

AHA is an abbreviation for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. These are organic acids that typically peel away your skin to give way for new skin cells to take their place. BHA, on the other hand, stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid and these are oil-based compounds that can penetrate the skin deeper to remove excess oil and clear dead skin cells and your pores.

Meet Sia: Acne Corrector

Sia is the girl to count on if you’re ever feeling stuck and need a quick solution that has long-term effects. Kind of like when you aren’t making any progress with your crush and that one text she writes on your behalf magically sends you off on your first date with them.

Sia is a BHA exfoliant with a fine blend of Salicylic Acid, Zinc, Tea Tree, and Chamomile Oil to unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling soothed. It not only works on acne, whiteheads, and blackhead, but also prevents future breakouts. Meet her in person here.

Meet Nia: Dark Spot Corrector

Nia is that friend who lights up any room she walks into. She’s the life of the party and her personality is all rainbows and sunshine. Even if she ate the last slice of your pizza, you can try but you probably won’t be able to stay mad at her because of how annoyingly (we’re just jealous) vibrant she is. 

Nia is composed of Niacinamide & Azeloglicina with a touch of Grape Seed Oil and Licorice to help pigmentation and give you brighter, more radiant looking skin. Can’t wait any longer? Say hello to her here.

Meet Gia: Texture Corrector

Gia is your go-to who will smoothly convince your parents that you’ve been safe with them all along (you know, when you’re actually out dancing the night away), after you receive a hundred missed calls from mom. You feel comforted just being in her presence on a rough day. 

Gia packs within her a combination of Glycolic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid enriched with the sweetness of honey so your skin remains exfoliated for improved texture and hydrated for a fresh glow, both at the same time. You can find her here.

If these ladies don’t convince you that the BHA and AHA benefits for skin are unmatched, then we frankly don’t know what will. Our Skin Crew also includes personalised services of 100+ expert dermatologists to curate a special experience that will lead you to flawless skin. 

Treat your skin to the super food it deserves and get your old friends to join your new ones to become one big, happy Skin Crew! Bring your girlfriends home today. Don’t know where to start? Book an appointment online and we'll help you out.


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