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Inclusive Beauty: Embracing Transgender Day & Safety

Inclusive Beauty: Embracing Transgender Day & Safety

For the longest time, there have been two worlds in existence. One world that discriminates and the other that welcomes you with open arms as a consequence of that very discrimination. 

But what happens within the two worlds is not too different from one another. They seek out the same human experiences — to embrace laughter and joy. To feel loved. To feel safe. To feel a sense of belonging.

These are shared experiences on the inside. Despite the difference in the way both worlds look on the outside. 

Our world, however, believes these are meant to be celebrations reserved for people who look like us. Quick to shun, unwilling to learn or understand. 

But their world, on the other hand, opens its doors, asking you to step in and celebrate with them. Compassionate, already having walked miles to create a place for themselves — even if only away from everyone else.

It’s once you walk through those doors that we come to see that the only difference between us is the difference in the way we treat each other. That at the core of it all, we’re just the same. We’re human. 

When someone compliments you, not one face is left without a smile. 

When your loved ones disregard what’s important to you, you tend to withdraw.

When a stranger shows you kindness, gratitude is felt in multitudes. 

When you feel unheard, it’s easy to feel like you should drown your voice. 

The difference simply lies in exclusion versus inclusion. What separates us is our way of thinking. It is when we come to realise that the exterior cannot change who we are at heart — human — is when we slowly come to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

In collaboration with PeriFerry, an equal employment opportunity organisation for the Transgender community, we are working towards building a more inclusive space within the world of Kaya. 

Across our Kaya skin clinics, we are extending employment opportunities within the Transgender community because we believe the responsibility to introduce change begins with us. For too long, people have been left out for who they are. 

We have always been advocates for embracing what makes you feel beautiful. This is true for every single individual and we want them to know that they are heard. 

To celebrate the day of Trans Visibility, also known as International Transgender Day of Visibility, Kaya hopes to show its support for Transgender inclusion today with a marker of an event that is close to the community’s heart, to symbolise support for a lifetime. Along with the aim to provide employment for all, we also want to provide a safe space for 20,000 Transgender individuals who have been marginalized from having equal access to medical inclusion. Kaya’s initiative is geared towards distributing sanitizer bottles across to equip these individuals with the care and safety they need during the current times.

The one universal truth we believe in is that Beautiful is You. And this holds true not just for what is on the outside but also on the inside and the kind of world we aspire to create for people around us. Inclusion is beautiful. Making people feel loved is beautiful. Making people feel like they belong is beautiful. And above all, creating a world that is safe for everyone is beautiful. #BeautyInSafety




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