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Hair Fall/Loss & Thinning Hair Treatment in Women

Noticing strands of hair in your comb often these days? Every day we lose around 50-100 strands of hair approximately, but then the same is replaced by new ones, as this is natural hair growth cycle. Your hair goes through three distinct phases of growth- anagen, catagen and telogen. These stages occur simultaneously and it is the characteristic of each phase that determines the length of the hair.

Hair fall is a common concern witnessed by a lot of women where they lose more than a normal number of hair strands every day. A reduction in hair density and more scalp visibility like- widening of the hair partition, are also signs of Hair Thinning.

Women start noticing hair thinning between ages 25 to 30. Both hair fall and thinning can be attributed to reasons like lack of nutrients, hereditary factors, aging, illness, stress and hormonal imbalances. The levels of endocrine hormones, particularly androgens and hormonal changes caused by menopause also cause hair fall and thinning in women.

At Kaya, our expert hair Doctors will provide you customized hair solutions for unique hair needs & concerns and guide you about hair maintenance to bring back your hair to its healthiest best.

Female Pattern Hair Loss
Androgenetic Alopecia

Diffused Shedding
Telogen Effluvium

Localized Patches of Hair Fall
Alopecia Areata

Androgenetic Alopecia

Also known as pattern baldness, is a hereditary disorder. It is caused due to the influence of androgenic hormones which makes the hair follicles shrink. In men it is observed as a receding hair line but for women, the pattern of hair fall and thinning is different. The hair starts thinning from all over the head.

Pattern hair loss, caused by hereditary factors is classified under the Lugwig scale into three stages or types.

Ludwig Scale : Stage 1

Type 1 is considered a mild stage of hair loss.

Ludwig Scale : Stage 2

Type 2 is considered a moderate stage of hair loss. The centre parting gets widened and further shedding and decrease in hair volume is observed.

Ludwig Scale : Stage 3

Type 3 is an advanced stage wherein the hair loss is extensive and the progressive thinning makes the hair so thin that the scalp becomes very visible.

Telogen Effluvium

This is a form of diffused hair shedding or thinning that happens all over the scalp when the hair enters the telogen or resting phase early and continues falling for 3-6 months.

Alopecia Areata

This is spot baldness in which hair is lost in coin shaped patches. It occurs when body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles and stops it from growing.

Kaya's Approach

To Hair Fall/Loss And Thinning In Women

The unique approach of the hair Doctors at Kaya caters to the entire spectrum of your hair needs by acting on all dimensions of hair

The Kaya solution addresses the primary reasons that cause hair fall, hair thinning and decreased hair density hair fall and thinning like Hair follicle damage, hair thinning, Shaft Damage, dandruff and Scalp Ageing

We At Kaya Approach Hair Loss With 3 Important Steps:


Consultation with our expert dermatologist includes a step by step hair and scalp diagnosis.



Imparting right growth factors and essential vitamins with in-clinic services for stimulating and restoring hair follicles.



Monitoring results & progress with right diet advice and specially designed hair care products and supplements to boost hair health.


Kaya’s Expert Hair Regrowth Solutions Targeting The Roots

Hair Loss and hair thinning in women requires correct diagnosis, customized long lasting solutions, and continuous care and maintenance.

Kaya Hair Fall/Loss solutions are designed by expert Hair Doctors to make a holistic impact right where it matters – at the hair root. These treatments target various hair fall and hair thinning conditions like Androgenetic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata in both men and women.

Natural Hair Rejuvenation with PRP

This is one of the most effective, safe and US FDA approved services that uses your body’s own plasma, rich in platelets. This plasma contains crucial growth factors to stimulate hair follicles to become healthier, producing more robust hair growth. It is natural, with no down time and performed by Kaya’s expert hair doctors.


This service takes about an hour’s time giving long lasting results for stronger hair and roots.

Intensive Hair Root Therapy (IHRT)

This is an effective treatment administered by the hair Doctor. It targets the hair roots with the help of micro injections. Nutrient cocktails, natural plant extracts and vitamins are delivered directly to the root of the hair. This stimulates growing hair by rejuvenating the follicle and preventing further hair loss.


This is followed by Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy which is a safe form of light treatment used to increase blood flow and cell activation in the scalp resulting in the stimulation of hair follicles.


This service takes about half an hour’s time giving long lasting results for healthier hair and roots.

Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy

This is a technique that uses charged ions to deliver a nutrient cocktail through the skin. This cocktail delivers vital nutrients that go beneath the skin and help prevent hair fall and thinning.


This is followed by Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy which is a safe form of light treatment used to increase blood flow and cell activation in the scalp resulting in the stimulation of hair follicles.


This service takes about half an hour’s time giving long lasting results for healthier hair and roots.

Natural Hair Rejuvenation with PRP

A nutrition-led approach using nutritional supplements to nurture and protect fragile hair follicles. Nutraceuticals must always be used in conjunction with an optimal diet.


A healthy diet with the right mix of protein, iron, and other nutrients can help improve the health, look, and feel of your hair. Your hair needs the same well-rounded diet that provides all the recommended vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for good health in the rest of your body.


Improper hair care, inadequate nutrition, pollution, sun-rays, excessive usage of styling products etc. affects the health of your scalp & hair shaft leading to under-nourished hair that are prone to hair fall and breakage.

Kaya’s Expert Hair rituals designed by expert Hair Doctors deeply for every unique hair need and hair type to boost health of hair and improve hair texture.


No more hair fall heart breaks! The Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Ritual deeply strengthens hair root, fibre and scalp to prevent breakage, restoring your most precious jewel, your crowning glory to its healthiest best. The ritual starts with a deep cleansing and nourishing of scalp and hair shaft, providing anti-oxidant and keratin smoothening benefits. This is followed by a concentrate application that helps control scalp ageing and strengthens the hair roots. Through a relaxing head and neck massage the hair roots are stimulated to improve blood circulation. An ozone mist is given post the massage for deeper thermal penetration and hydration to ensure complete nourishment of the scalp, root and hair shaft.

The ritual ends with a hair rinse and application of a nourishing serum that makes hair smooth and stronger.

Protect and enhance the strength and youthfulness of your hair through the Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Ritual!


Our hair and scalp often face multiple concerns at the same time. Kaya presents the panacea for all hair care concerns by treating the underlying causes and not just the visible symptoms. The goodness of nature coupled with science, the Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Ritual combines deep nourishing oils, phytonutrient extracts, vitamins, minerals and plant peptides to ensure healthy scalp, energized hair roots and strong hair fiber.

The Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Ritual energizes and nourishes the hair root to help promote fuller and denser hair. It also helps prevent hair fall and dandruff through sebum regulating and anti scalp ageing properties. The ritual addresses dull, limp and breakage prone hair through shaft strengthening and volumizing effect.

Kaya’s signature ritual combines the goodness of a scalp oil massage and a back massage leading to a relaxing rejuvenating feel after the ritual ends.

The service also contains an application to deliver instant shine and smoothening of the hair! Experience the Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Ritual to address all your hair concerns at one go!


While Kaya’s services ensure that the root cause of the problem is arrested, Kaya Home Care products complement the healing and maintenance process.

Kaya’s Root Regen Range of highly Efficacious Hair Care products are researched and developed by Kaya dermatologists that contain natural ingredients like Avocado, Macadamia nuts, olive oil, apple extracts, lemon, sugarcane and Basil extracts.

These ingredients are hair super foods that gives two times longer and stronger hair.

1     Scalp Nourishing Oil- helps reduce hair fall upto 2X times from roots

2     Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo-  helps reduce hair fall due to breakage in upto 2 weeks.

3     Deep Conditioning Masque-gives Up to 2X smoother hair*

4     Hair Protect Serum- Helps nourish the hair root and improves strength

In case you have experienced a hair problem for which you haven't got expected results, it's time you get in touch with our experts.

*Invitro study vs. non-conditioning shampoo, when used in combination with Deep Conditioning Masque & Hair Protect Serum

*Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness

*Based on Clinical Study, 2016

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