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Discover Kaya’s Thermage Treatment To Prevent Sagging Skin

What is the Thermage process?

Expert dermats conduct Kaya's Thermage facial treatment. It involves using USFDA-approved radio frequency technology. The technology heats the deeper skin layers while cooling the surface skin layer. This procedure uses a non-invasive machine that emits radio frequency for skin-tightening. The intense heat stimulates your skin’s renewal process, boosts collagen production, and tightens existing collagen.

Over a while, your sagging or wrinkled facial skin is renewed & rejuvenated with smooth & firm skin with an enhanced texture & tone.

Can Thermage help ageing, sagging or wrinkled facial or body skin?

Theremage is the best radio frequency-based laser skin tightening treatment that is the perfect choice for ageing skin. Here are some ageing concerns that a Thermage treatment can effectively diminish:-

  • Wrinkles on forehead
  • Fine lines around the eyes
  • Sagging or wrinkled facial skin.

Who can get the Thermage treatment?

While all skin types can undergo this non-invasive & safe skin lifting treatment, Thermage is recommended for people with ageing & sagging skin or those that face skin-laxity concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging cheeks & jowls.

Chemical Peel Benefits

Here are some excellent benefits of getting a chemical peel treatment:-

  1. Pigmentation:
    A chemical peel is best for lightening dark spots, tan, hyperpigmentation & blemishes for even skin tone.
  2. Acne:
    A chemical peel is also best for combating deep & stubborn acne scars.

  3. Ageing signs:
    Ageing signs like fine lines & wrinkles can be diminished with a replenishing chemical peel.

  4. Rejuvenation:
    You get one step closer to a luminous glow with these chemical peeling treatments that ensure your skin improves from within.

Our Specialised Chemical Peel Treatment

Our experts have designed skincare solutions with extensive scientific research and cutting-edge technology to offer you the best possible results.

Insta Clarity Peel

Looking for an effective and safe way to improve your skin? Consider the Insta Clarity Peel at Kaya.  This chemical peel uses three potent botanical actives. It reduces excess melanin production and stimulates healthy cell turnover.

The chemical peel helps exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells, and reduce wrinkles. It has a natural brightening effect for evening out your skin tone & texture. The Insta Clarity Peel reduces the visibility of dark spots, skin marks, and pigmentation.

So, you can now bid adieu to patchy skin and embrace a smooth complexion with this peel treatment. Experience instant clear skin with Insta Clarity peel with minimum downtime.

Insta Glow Peel

The Insta Glow Peel at Kaya is an instant rejuvenation peel with no downtime! This “party peel” allows you to indulge in mild exfoliation of the top skin layer. It delivers nourishing ingredients deep into your skin that offer you instant results! Heading to a party? The Insta Glow peel is the perfect way to prepare for it!

All you need to know about Kaya’s Insta Clarity Treatment

How Does Q-Switch Laser Treatment Work?

Q-switch lasers deliver clinical light with powerful energy in the affected areas. The light energy is absorbed by the pigments, which are then fragmented within the skin’s tissues. This procedure leaves you with smooth and even-toned skin.

What are Q-Switch Laser Treatment Benefits?

Q-switch laser treatment has the following benefits-

  • Internally heals the skin tissues to smoothen out the surface.
  • Removes dead skin cells, thus gently exfoliating the skin for an even-toned complexion.
  • Deeply cleanses the skin.
  • Boosts collagen production for younger-looking skin.

How often a Q-switch laser treatment can be done?

The frequency of Q-switched laser treatments can vary depending on the specific treatment being performed, the condition being treated, and your individual skin's response. Working closely with Kaya’s qualified dermatologist and specialist is essential to determine the optimal treatment schedule for your needs. Generally, here are some guidelines:

  1. Scar and Sunspots:
    Kaya’s Q-switched laser treatments may also be spaced around 4 to 8 weeks apart for therapies targeting pigmented lesions, such as sunspots or age spots.
  2. Rejuvenation of Skin:
    Kaya’s Q-switched laser treatment allows time for the skin to heal and for collagen production to be stimulated. Sessions could be spaced around 4 to 6 weeks apart.

  3. Acne Scars and Other Scarring:
    It's not uncommon for sessions to be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart, but Kaya’s dermatologist will create a personalised plan based on the type and severity of your scars.

Q-Switch Laser Treatment Cost in India at Kaya Clinic

At Kaya, We are committed to providing our customers with practical solutions for pigmentation, helping them restore their natural radiant skin and youthful look. We proudly present our specialised Insta Clarity Q-switch treatment designed to deliver remarkable results, all at an affordable cost.

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My experience at kaya has been really good. The technicians are well trained, make you feel comfortable and are very professional. The results have also been excellent.

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After one year of receiving acne treatment at Kaya Clinic, I can confidently say it has been a great experience. The staff, especially the doctor, were excellent and provided exceptional service.

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Great service! employee in this outlet, very trained and skilled.They took care to do the treatment at a comfortable pace, offered aftercare advice and suggestions on how to maintain after treatment

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Good ambience, Dr very supportive and we'll behaved, service quality very good, thanks Kaya.

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Happy and satisfied with the treatment and therapist are very supportive and helpful,also follow the safety hygiene very happy with the team work

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The experience was really great. The treatment procedure is good and staff has been cooperative.

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Amazing service ... with excellent staff.
Had a great experience with kaya.

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