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FUE Hair Transplant: Expert Solutions for Baldness

FUE Hair Transplant: Expert Solutions for Baldness

Opting for a hair transplant can be a very big decision and you are bound to have a lot of questions about the after effects or side effects of hair transplant and whether there are any precautions to be taken. Hence, we are here to answer all your questions. Read on to know everything about hair transplants.

How Is Hair Transplant Carried Out?

Hair transplant is a procedure that involves the two essential areas of your scalp which are the hair-bearing area, also called as the donor area and the balding area, also called as the recipient area. Usually, the donor area is at the back of your head that is resistant to balding as it is not affected by hormones that cause hair loss. In this procedure, hair follicles from the donor area are transplanted to the area of hair loss under local anesthesia. The transplanted follicular units take the quality of the donor area and continue to grow for a lifetime.

What Is The FUE Method Of Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplantation is a minimally invasive advanced procedure which involves no cuts, stitches or scars. Hair follicles from a hair bearing area called donor area (which is usually the back of the head as it is unaffected by Male Pattern Baldness) are transplanted to a balding area called the recipient area, under local anesthesia.

This is different from FUT method where a strip of the donor area is taken and transplanted. On the other hand, the FUE method involves creation of slits in the balding area where grafts or follicles are transplanted by extracting them randomly from the donor area.  

How Long Does Hair Transplant Take?

At Kaya, before beginning with the hair transplant procedure, a thorough diagnosis is done by dermatosurgeons who are proven experts at hair transplant procedures. The Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions takes about 6 to 8 hours to be performed. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 months before the transplanted follicles start growing new hair. The new hair that grows is initially thin and gradually become thicker and fuller. In 8 to 10 months, the transplanted hair becomes completely mature and continues to grow for a lifetime.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

The treatment is almost painless since the procedure is carried out under the effect of a local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia sets in, you can hardly feel any pain during the procedure. There is some numbness and soreness that can be felt after the procedure which goes away in a few days.

What Is The Recovery Time After A Hair Transplant?

Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, it does not interfere with your daily life. You can also resume your regular activities from the next day onwards. While some people might experience a certain degree of numbness or soreness, there are usually no major hindrances experienced.

Does Hair Transplant Have Any Side Effects?

You may experience side effects like swelling of the scalp, numbness and so on. However, these side effects are minor and they will stop troubling you in a few days after the hair transplant.

 Is Hair Transplant Effective?

As this procedure makes use of hair follicles from the donor area, the transplanted hair acquires the characteristics of the donor hair and hence it continues to grow for a lifetime.

Are There Any Post Hair Transplant Precautions?

The most important thing that you need to remember after getting a hair transplant is staying away from strenuous activities for the initial weeks. Following a proper diet, avoiding alcohol & smoking and keeping your scalp protected for a few weeks from sunlight is all you need to do post your hair transplant.

The dermatologists at Kaya understand how precious your hair is to you and just how cautious you would be if you wanted to undergo such a treatment. Hence, they make sure that you are guided through all the steps of this treatment and continue to do so till the time you are confident to sport your new, natural looking hair!

What Are The Points One Should Look For While Opting For A Hair Transplant?

If you’re thinking of opting for a hair transplant, know that with Kaya, you’re in safe hands. The Kaya Expert Hair Transplant Solutions are performed by expert dermatosurgeons to help you regain your natural looking hair. The dermatosurgeons at Kaya have performed more than 2000 successful hair transplants and are proven experts who deliver the best and most natural looking results. These dermatosurgeons carry out the hair transplant using the latest technology and perform the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction method of Hair Transplants that ensures utmost safety and efficacy of the procedure. The Kaya solutions also combine the hair transplant procedure with other efficacy building procedures such as natural hair rejuvenation with PRP, Hair Nutri Infusion Therapy and Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy. This unique approach helps in stimulating hair growth to ensure healthy hair growth. 

Check out this video to know more about Kaya hair transplants.

So go ahead and book an appointment at Kaya, the skin and hair expert.

Have more questions about hair transplants? Here’s your Guide To Hair Transplants.

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