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Everything You Need To Know About Oily Skin

Everything You Need To Know About Oily Skin

The medical term for oily skin is seborrhoea and is caused by the excess production of oil. The usual reason for this is genetics or hormones. Androgen is a hormone that is present in both males and females, and it is responsible for the regulation of the oil generated. A higher amount of androgen leads to more oil being produced, thus, causing the skin to become oily. Also, the heat makes you sweat which in turn leads to more oil being produced, since summer is right around the corner you need to protect your skin, and the best way to do this is to arm yourself with knowledge on oily skin. Here are a few things you should know about oily skin, and how to take care of it.

What Is Oily Skin

The sebaceous gland produces sebum to keep the skin moisturised and nourished. It protects your skin from getting dry and flaky, and removes the dead skin cells to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. But when the sebum is produced beyond the required amount, it causes the skin to get oily. If your face feels greasy and sticky all over then it’s safe to say you fall in the oily skin category. The oil clogs your pores and doesn’t allow your skin to be healthy, which leads to other problems.

How Does Oily Skin Affect Your Face

The most common effects of an oily face are breakouts. This happens because instead of getting rid of the impurities and dead skin cells, the excess oil clogs your pores and then mixes it with the bacteria and impurities which lead to pimples getting formed. Along with acne, oily skin causes blackheads and whiteheads to form on your skin regularly. Therefore it’s safe to say that oily skin causes issues with your facial skin and it is necessary to address these issues before they become worse.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Experts at kaya suggest that you don’t try to use harsh products to get rid of the oil, as it can cause your skin to become rough and won’t solve the problem. It is important to use products which don’t clog your pores. The right way to care for oily skin is the 3 step method of Kaya Skin Health Routine that is formulated and tested by expert dermatologists.

Cleanse Your Face

It is necessary to purify your skin by removing the impurities, which is exactly what Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel does. It is a soap free formula which works gently on your skin. This cleansing gel contains Zinc Lactate that helps reduce the excess production of sebum. Use this product by applying on a wet face and then rinse it thoroughly, twice a day for best results.

Apply A Toner

An oily skin requires you to clean your pores by using the Kaya Daily Pore Minimizing Toner. Oily skin, causes the pores to expand and that’s how the dirt gets in, but this toner minimizes the pores so this problem doesn’t occur. It also contains cucumber extract which refreshes the skin and doesn’t let it get dry, thus giving you a smooth skin. Apply the pore minimizing toner with a cotton pad, after using the cleanser.

Use A Sunscreen

Protection against the sun is a must for any skin type. The Kaya Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 30 contains PA++++ which shields your skin against the harmful UVA-UVB rays. It doesn’t contain PABA which is known to cause allergies, rashes and other problems. This sunscreen is a lightweight, non-greasy formula which is perfect for oily skin. Use the sunscreen after applying the toner in the morning before stepping out. To know more about oily skin, read What all to avoid when you have oily skin.

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