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Best Dermatologists In Pune

Best Dermatologists In Pune

Table of Contents

  • About Kaya Clinic
  • Discovering Kaya’s Broad Range of Professional Services 
  • Why Choose Kaya Skin Clinic in Pune?
  • Cost of Skin, Hair & Body Treatments in Pune
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

About Kaya Clinic | Your Door to Radiant Skin

At Kaya, we deeply understand that skin, hair, and nail health goes beyond surface-level treatments. Our dermatologists in Pune emphasise holistic care to provide the best results. We recognise the significance of nurturing your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out. Beyond addressing external issues, our experts delve deeper into providing comprehensive care that considers lifestyle, diet, and overall well-being.

Discovering Kaya’s Broad Range of Professional Services: 

At Kaya, you will discover an impressive range of services that specialise in skin, hair, nails, and your body. Our services include: 

  • Laser Hair Reductions: No more last-minute waxing or shaving. Discover a shinier and more confident you! 
  • Acne and Pigmentation Treatments: No more trouble hiding your acne and pigmentation with our top-performing treatments
  • Beauty Facials: It’s time to restore your skin’s moisture and reveal its flawless beauty with our beauty facials range
  • Body Contouring: Say goodbye to those unwanted fatty layers and welcome a newer and leaner you! 
  • Hair Care: Unlock your hair’s true lustre with our meticulously crafted hair care solutions
  • Anti Ageing Solutions: Age with grace with our advanced anti ageing treatments 

Why Choose Kaya Skin Clinic in Pune?

In Pune, Kaya brings forth a fantastic list of renowned dermatologists who are appreciably armed with years of experience and extensive research. These experts specialise in diagnosing complex skin-related issues and formulating targeted and comprehensive treatment plans to achieve the desired results. 

Be it healthy-looking skin, youthful radiance, smooth hair, hair transplants, strong nails and a defined body shape, Kaya’s Best dermatologist in Pune got you covered! Our dermatologists in Pune are committed to turning your skin and body-related dreams into reality with their years of skincare excellence and targeted approach! 

At Kaya, Pune, our main focus remains on revealing the inherent beauty of your body through a combination of expertise, personalised attention, and advanced treatments. Whether you're battling acne, struggling with hair care, or aiming for a contoured body, our Best dermatologists in Pune are dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more satisfied you.

Say goodbye to skin& body woes and hello to a rejuvenated, confident you with the top dermatologists in Pune. Experience the difference that expert care can make as you open doors to skin radiance and well-being.

You are just one step away from witnessing your skin becoming firmer, smoother, and brighter!

  • Booking Your Appointment: Book your session by calling our TOLL FREE number, 1800 209 5292. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment online through our website's 'Book Appointment' feature.
  • Expert Consultation: We can answer your skin-related queries and provide expert guidance throughout your treatment process.
  • Convenient Locations in Pune: We offer skin treatments in Pune at four strategically located centres in the city -Aundh, Law College Road, and Koregaon Park. Visit the Kaya Clinic near you.

Cost of Skin, Hair & Body Treatments in Pune

Unlock skincare excellence with Kaya’s advanced treatments in Pune. Our skilled dermatologists will go to the end to give you the results you desire! Reveal your skin’s true radiance with our comprehensive services starting at approximately Rs 1200*.


Body Area

1st Session Cost

4th Session Cost

HIFU Doublo Body Contouring

Rs. 66,000*


Nutri-Infusion Hair Care

Rs. 5000*

Rs. 14,000*

Skin Polishing Brightening 

Rs. 2,490*

Rs. 7,310*

Disclaimer: The costs mentioned are pre-tax and may vary based on individual requirements. A consultation with Kaya's experts will determine the optimal treatment plan tailored to your needs and budget. 


Pune is a city that experiences hot and humid weather that calls for an advanced care approach! At Kaya, our top dermatologists ensure top-notch skin and hair treatments to address specific challenges posed by the climate. Trust Kaya for personalised and effective skin & hair care solutions that cater to the unique needs of Pune’s residents, helping them achieve a more HAPPY VERSION of you! 

Book Your Appointment Now with Our Top Dermatologists in Pune! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Dermatologists in Pune

Q1. How can I schedule an appointment with a top dermatologist in Pune?
A1. You can schedule your appointment with Kaya’s top dermatologist by calling their toll-free number. 

Q2. Can I get a body contouring treatment done in Pune?
A2. Yes, you can get your body contouring treatment done in Pune by one of the top dermatologists at Kaya. They will thoroughly assess your body to understand its type and plan the treatment approach accordingly. 

Q3. What common concerns do dermatologists in Pune address?
A3. Pune experiences hot and humid weather along with alarming pollution levels. Dermatologists in Pune treat skin concerns like dryness, dullness, acne, age-related facial concerns, and more. 

Q4. What preventive measures and skincare routines do top dermatologists in Pune recommend for maintaining healthy skin?
A4. Beyond treating existing skin issues, top dermatologists in Pune often emphasise preventive measures and effective skincare routines for long-term skin health.

Q5. What is the difference between a skin MD and a dermatologist?
A5. A skin MD and a dermatologist are interchangeable terms, both referring to a medical doctor who specialises in dermatology, the branch of medicine focused on skin, hair, and nail disorders.

Our Skin and Hair Treatment Service in Pune

Experience premium skin and hair treatment services in Pune. Our team of expert dermatologists offers personalized solutions for a variety of skin and hair concerns. From addressing acne issues to providing hair restoration solutions, you can trust our team to deliver exceptional care using advanced techniques and top-quality products. Let us assist you in achieving your desired skin and hair goals with our specialized services in Pune.

Our Dermatologist in Top Cities

Explore top-tier dermatologists in key cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, kolkata and hyderabad. Our expert skin specialists offer premium care for various skin concerns. From acne to aging, trust our dermatologists for effective treatments tailored to your needs. Experience quality skincare and achieve radiant, healthy skin with our top dermatologists.


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