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Bikini Line Hair Removal: Shave, Wax, or Laser

Bikini Line Hair Removal: Shave, Wax, or Laser

Most women are embarrassed about their body hair and wouldn’t mind trading their bodies for smooth and hair-free bodies. But the whole process of permanently removing unwanted body hair can sometimes be a tiresome, painful and costly affair. Now with different types of methods available these days, it can also be confusing as to which one would suit you best. Even when it comes to hair removal from your bikini line there are different methods available. These methods can remove hair permanently or for a short period of time. The different methods have their own pros and cons, weigh them wisely and choose what’s best for you. Listed below are the different types of hair removal methods: 

  • Shaving : This is the most common method used by all women. Shaving is also the cheapest method and the least painful if done right. But, since the hair is removed only the skin level, it grows back in a matter of just 2 or 3 days.
  • Waxing: This method is also commonly used by most women. Waxing is also one of the more painful methods because the hair is removed from its roots. Since the hair is removed from the root, this method is more effective as hair doesn’t grow for a longer period of time. This method is also relatively quicker, as the wax is ripped off quickly pulling out the unwanted hair. This method of hair removal is relatively inexpensive as well.
  • Laser Hair Removal : This method of laser hair removal for bikini area is a long term option. This method involves the use of highly concentrated beams which destroy the hair follicles. For optimal results the laser hair removal for bikini area will take about 6-12 sessions. The bikini line laser hair removal works only on coarse and darker hair. Sometimes this method can also cause discoloration or burns on darker skin. Once the sessions are completed for this method, touch ups will be required after every 6 or 22 months. Comparatively this method is also more expensive, but in the long run is beneficial.

  •  Other than the above mentioned methods for hair removal, the most popular method for bikini hair removal these days is Brazilian bikini hair removal. The Brazilian bikini hair removal has both waxing as well as laser treatment for hair removal. Read on below to find out more:

  • Brazilian Waxing : This method of hair removal is used mostly for removing hair from the pubic region. This method is used by many women universally to maintain personal hygiene. Brazilian waxing is one of the best and longer lasting methods for maintaining smooth and hair free pubic skin. This method is an inexpensive way to remove pubic hair. This method also ensures smooth and clean pubic area for 4-7 weeks.
  • Brazilian Laser Hair Removal :  This method of hair removal using Brazilian laser hair removal is more permanent. The Brazilian hair removal method removes all or almost all the hair from the pubic region. Most women opt for this method because you don’t have to worry about ingrowth or bikini bumps.

Now that you know the different ways to get unwanted hair out of the way, go ahead be brave and bare some skin. Consult our dermatologist for laser hair removal treatment & get a smooth hair-free skin. Read our blogs to learn more on painless laser hair reduction  
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