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The Best Way To Remove Underarm Hair

The Best Way To Remove Underarm Hair

There are a large number hair removal techniques which are present in the market today. Some of the traditional ways to remove unwanted body hair include waxing, shaving, threading and hair removal creams. However, while semi-effective, each of these methods come with their own negatives such as being painful, getting ingrown hair and experiencing the hyperpigmentation of skin. Not only that, but in the long run, these techniques have proved to be quite expensive when calculated on a monthly basis.

While the debate regarding the pros and cons of each hair reduction technique can go on and on, a new hair reduction technique called the laser hair reduction has revolutionized the way people view traditional hair removal methods.

Hair Removal Problems

1. Waxing

When people think of waxing, the first image that comes to their mind, is that of hot uncomfortable wax ripping out their hair from the root. And with the underarm being a sensitive area, more often than not, people experience adverse reactions like rashes and redness which make it difficult for them to comfortably move around the first few days after their waxing session is completed.

2. Shaving

The second most common method of removing hair from ones’ underarms would be shaving. This technique however, is not advised by dermatologists as it tends to increase ingrown hair. Ingrown hair, to put it simply, is the hair follicle or hair root, which is turned inward or bent inward. The occurrence of ingrown hair causes underarm bumps that can be quite painful or uncomfortable to touch.

Laser Hair Reduction for The Underarm

1. No Side Effects

The underarm is a sensitive area to be treated, which is why the laser hair reduction treatment is the ideal treatment for you to use. Since the laser hair reduction treatment has minimal to no side effects, this treatment suits the sensitive skin.

2. Low Cost

The underarm is a small patch that needs to be treated, and that would directly mean that the cost of the laser hair reduction treatment is much lower when compared to the cost of the treatment of other body parts. Also, in the long run, it works out to be a very cost-effective method of hair reduction as the results are permanent for up to 20 years.

3. It is Quick

The laser hair reduction treatment involves quick snaps of the laser that destroy hair follicles and reduce the hair growth in the treated area. The laser can cover a patch the size of a coin at the same time. Therefore, when done on a smaller patch of skin like the underarm, it takes lesser time per session.

4. It is Painless
As pointed out before, the area of skin that makes up your underarm is very sensitive in nature. Waxing the area is therefore not only painful, but can also cause irritation, redness and your skin to bleed. In the laser hair reduction treatment, the process is practically painless and leaves no discomfort after the session is completed.

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is a laser hair reduction treatment that has been approved by the US FDA. With the use of advanced technology, our dermatologists strive to give you the hairless and smooth underarms you have always wanted.

So book your appointment today and know more about Nd-YAG Laser Hair Reduction Technology, in our previous blog.  

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