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Luxury Glow Facial: Ultimate Dry Face Treatment for Women

Luxury Glow Facial: Ultimate Dry Face Treatment for Women

Don’t we all deserve a little bit of luxury in our lives? But when it comes to our face we tend to grow a little careless and ignorant. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, your skin is damaged beyond repair. This Women’s Day give your face the dry face facial treatment it deserves and make your day all about your skin.

The Best Glow Facial By Kaya

Kaya’s Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual Is a 3-dimentional treatment that leaves the skin visibly smoother and de-stressed. This unique hydrating treatment stimulates the skin’s natural defense system and thus helps maintain the skin’s youth. It is a 90 minute facial starts with a signature lymphatic drainage, to stimulate the epidermis. The post-treatment results include firmer, clearer and more even-toned skin.

Why Is It Unique

The secret to this ritual’s superior efficacy is the marriage of sculpting movements and pulsing strokes that are perfected by Biologique Recherche, a renowned French skin care brand. It is combined with concentrations of active ingredients that renew and rejuvenate the skin making it the best facial in India.

The Secret Of Ingredients

This facial is rich in Omega 3, Silk proteins and Hyaluronic acid. The treatment leverages these powerful ingredients for their hydrating, renewing and protective properties while simultaneously deploying unifying and calming qualities found in royal jelly, squash extract and milk proteins. 

Who Needs It?

Every working woman today is too busy in her life to give priority to her skin care. While everyday care is a must, sometimes a little extra pampering is definitely good. The high stress levels and our lifestyle have a direct effect on our skin. And this facial helps in relaxing and de-stressing you.

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