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Anti Ageing Treatment In Pune: Cost, Procedure And Benefit

Anti Ageing Treatment In Pune: Cost, Procedure And Benefit

Table of Contents

  • Understand Pune's Weather Impact
  • Combat Pollution with Regular Cleansing
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Balanced Diet and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Minimise Stress
  • Professional Skin Care Treatments
  • Sun Protection
  • Cost of Anti-Ageing Treatment in Pune
  • Why Pick Kaya for Youthful Skin?
  • FAQs About Anti-Ageing Treatment in Pune

Understand Pune's Weather Impact

Pune goes through different types of weather - hot summers, rainy monsoons, and cool winters. These changes can affect your skin and cause early signs of ageing. It's important to shield your skin from the sun and moisturise it throughout these seasons.

Combat Pollution with Regular Cleansing

Living in a city like Pune, with its bustling traffic and industrial areas, exposes your skin regularly to pollutants. Incorporate a deep cleansing routine to remove the impurities that can accelerate skin ageing.  

Stay Hydrated

Pune's climate can lead to internal and external dehydration, especially during the summer. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturising skin care products is key to preserving the moisture in your skin, which keeps it smooth and helps avoid early ageing signs. Kaya Skin Clinic's Skin Awakening Rinse is an excellent product for removing impurities and reviving tired skin.

Balanced Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

The diverse cuisine of Pune is irresistible, but balancing it with healthy eating habits is key for good skin. Include antioxidants and vitamins in your diet. Regular exercise, a part of many Puneites' routines, is vital in maintaining skin elasticity. Kaya Skin Clinic offers customised solutions like Kaya Youth, combining advanced services and technologies with effective home care products for optimal skin health.

Minimise Stress

Pune's fast-paced life can be stressful, and stress is a known factor in premature skin ageing. Practising stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, which is quite popular in Pune, can help maintain a youthful complexion.

Professional Skin Care Treatments

Professional treatments can offer significant benefits for those looking for more than just home care. At Kaya Skin Clinic, the Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy offers an extensive anti-ageing facial that deeply hydrates, moisturises, and protects the skin, addressing signs of ageing effectively.

Sun Protection

Pune may enjoy pleasant weather most of the year, but sun protection is still essential. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, a significant cause of premature ageing.

Maintaining youthful skin in Pune involves a combination of personal care, lifestyle adjustments, and professional treatments. With its array of anti-ageing treatments in Pune, Kaya Skin Clinic stands ready to assist residents in their quest for ageless beauty, blending traditional care with modern treatments to combat skin ageing effectively. 

Cost of Anti-Ageing Treatment in Pune

Experience the art of graceful ageing with Kaya's anti-ageing treatments. Our expert dermatologists tailor personalised solutions to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. Unlock timeless beauty with our comprehensive services, starting at approximately Rs. 4100*. Embrace the journey to youthful radiance at Kaya.

Body Area

1st Session 


Rs 28,800*


Rs 48,000*


Rs 12,599*


Rs 34,800*


Rs 5,500*


Rs 10,000*

Skin Tightening

Rs 4,100*

Disclaimer: The costs mentioned are pre-tax and may vary based on individual requirements. A consultation with Kaya's experts will determine the optimal treatment plan tailored to your needs and budget.

Why Pick Kaya for Youthful Skin?

Ageing is a part of life, but at Kaya, our experienced dermatologists can help slow it down. Their knowledge and advanced treatments can make your skin look younger for longer.

At Kaya, we don't have a magic solution to stop time, but we have the skills to make you appear younger. Our treatments are designed to give you a youthful look, making it seem like you've aged less. 

Booking Your Appointment

Book your session by calling our TOLL FREE number, 1800 209 5292. Alternatively, you can book an online appointment through our website's 'Book Appointment' feature.

Expert Consultation

We can answer your skin-related queries and provide expert guidance throughout your treatment process.

Convenient Locations in Pune

We offer skin-pigmentation treatments in Pune at four strategically located centres in the city - Aundh, Law College Road, East Street, and Koregaon Park.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti Ageing Treatment In Pune

Q1. What are the five pillars of anti-ageing?
A1. The five pillars of anti-ageing are good nutrition, physical activity, social engagement, mental stimulation, and meaningful activities and relationships.

Q2. What are the seven aspects of ageing?
A2. The seven aspects of ageing are emotional, environmental, intellectual/cognitive, physical, professional/vocational, social, and spiritual wellness.

Q3. What are the two types of ageing?
A3. There are three types of ageing: biological, psychological, and social ageing.

Q4. What are the three types of ageing?
A4. The three types of ageing are biological, psychological, and social.

Our Anti Ageing Treatment in Top Cities

Experience cutting-edge anti-aging treatments in leading cities across the country. Our renowned dermatologists in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad specialize in premium care for various skin concerns. From fine lines to age spots, trust our experts to provide tailored solutions for youthful, rejuvenated skin. Embrace quality skincare and rediscover your youthful glow with our Best dermatologists in Pune.

Our Other Skin Treatment Services in Pune

Discover a range of exceptional skin treatment services in Pune. Our expert dermatologists offer a variety of solutions to address diverse skin concerns. From acne treatments to scar removal, trust our team to provide personalized care using advanced techniques and quality products. Experience top-tier skincare and achieve your desired results with our comprehensive services in Pune.

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