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Celebrity Secrets For Getting Healthy, Shiny Hair

Celebrity Secrets For Getting Healthy, Shiny Hair


Monsoons have finally arrived! It’s the season that we eagerly keep waiting for yet can never enjoy due to the hair disasters it carries along! But have you ever wondered how our tinsel town divas manage to don such healthy and shiny hair without being affected by this wicked season? Read on to find out the celebrity secrets for getting healthy and shiny hair.

Managing Monsoon Hair Trouble The Celebrity Way


You may be a fan of drenching in the rain but that can make you pay a heavy price by making your hair sticky. The celebrity secret to dealing with monsoon grease is minimal use of styling products. Styling products when combined will polluted rainwater, double up the greasiness in your hair. Hence the best solution is to minimize your use of styling products. After all it's just a matter of one season!


The most hated monsoon tragedy is frizzy hair! Dealing with frizzy hair has always been a challenge. But our celebs know exactly how to deal with it. Oiling your hair at least twice a week is the solution that our celebs follow! The Kaya Root Regen Scalp Nourishing Oil is enriched with basil root extract that nourishes and rejuvenates the scalp for stronger roots and shaft.

Hair Breakage

All the monsoon problems end up causing hair breakage. To stay away from such a scenario, celebs have various therapies at their service. If they can have a solution to hair breakage, so can you! The Kaya Hair Revive And Fortify Therapy deeply strengthens the hair root, fibre and scalp to prevent breakage, restoring your crowning glory and making it healthier!

The therapy deeply cleanses and nourishes the scalp by providing anti-oxidant and keratin smoothening benefits which impart shine to your hair.

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Here are the 8 rules for a healthy set of hair.

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