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Chemical peel is a solution applied on the face, hands, or the neck to purify the skin and improve the appearance. When you apply the solution it generally blisters for a while, and then peels off, leaving the skin smoother and less wrinkled. If you’re not keen on buying one, there are a lot of home remedies for a chemical peel.

This article will help you make chemical peel at home because there’s no doubt that natural chemical peel is way better and safer than the ones that are available in stores.

In fact, chemical peeling at home is more convenient and simple when compared to going to a parlor. We tell you how.

The ingredients

Making a face peel at home is easy. Below is a list of ingredients you’ll need:

  • For a natural chemical peel, you’ll need a small cucumber.  
  • 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin.  
  • A few drops or 1/4 spoon of meat tenderizer.  
  • A pinch of powdered cinnamon.Keep some water handy. 


The process

Follow the procedure given below to make the perfect home chemical peel:

Step 1: Take a bowl and place the sliced cucumber in it. Sprinkle the gelatin over the cucumber and wait for it to dissolve. If it doesn’t dissolve, just use water instead.  

Step 2: Now sprinkle some meat tenderizer and cinnamon powder over the mixture. Mix well till you get a pasty end result. You may add as much water as needed to make this paste.  

Step 3:  Apply the paste on your face, arms, or neck. Be very careful if you plan to apply this paste near your sensitive areas.  

Step 4:  Keep the mixture on for 15-20 minutes, and once it has dried well, start peeling it off from your chin region first.  


If you’ve got an acne problem, crush an aspirin or two, and add it to this mixture. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which helps in dissolving blackheads. 

You can finish by applying moisturizer. But if you’re treating scars, apply a mixture of lavender oil and vitamin E oil for best results.

The best at-home chemical peel is made using natural and fresh ingredients. A few other items that you can use are:

  • Papaya and pineapple: If you don’t want to use the meat tenderizer then you can use these two fruits as they contain papain and bromelain. Using pureed fruits in place of meat tenderizer works perfectly too.  
  • Pumpkin: This fruit has great fruit acids, which are highly beneficial for a chemical peel. Make sure you use steamed pumpkin so that it dissolves well.  
  • Avocados: Avocados have high moisturising properties and acid content that make the chemical peel more authentic and effective.  
  • Tomatoes: If used in the form of puree or juice, tomatoes will be really beneficial in making the skin smooth and dirt free. Tomatoes contain citric and malic acid – both of which are great for facemasks.  
  • Sugarcane: Sugarcane is again, high in acid, and can be used to make an effective chemical peel.

A lot fruits of and vegetables have acid in it. You can try other variations too like  apple, orange, wine, curd, lemon, grapes, banana, etc.   

Very few chemical skin peel products are reliable. If you don’t have the time to make the skin peel at home, you can opt for Kaya’s Intense Clarity Peel. In six sessions you are left with visibly smoother and radiant skin. This treatment lightens marks and lines, reduces pigmentation, and restores and revives skin firmness.

The primary contents of the facial peel provided by Kaya include glycolic acid, lactic acid and kojic acid. The mask is made according to your skin type, and left on for a duration that’s suitable.

Kaya’s Intense Clarity Peel treatment is now available for a wide variety of skin types.  Reach out to your closest Kaya Skin Clinic, and speak to a dermatologist on the team to learn more.  

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