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Reclaim Your healthy hair with Kaya’s Specialized PDO Hair Thread Treatment

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Watching huge chunks of your hair strands tangled in your brush, strewn on the floor, or stuck in the drains of your skin, is a disheartening sight! While losing 50-100 hair strands a day is a part of the natural process, anything more than that is signalling hair loss or thinning of hair. There are several reasons for hair thinning or loss, such as medical conditions, stressful life, hormonal changes, etc. Busting the myth that hair loss or thinning is untreatable, they indeed can be tackled if it is addressed at an early age.

How Does PDO Hair Thread Lift Procedure Work? 

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a slowly absorbing synthetic surgical suture material which stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and boosts the formation of new blood vessel formation. PDO threads enhance the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, thus stimulating hair re-growth by releasing growth factors and increasing blood circulation in the targetted areas.

What hair concerns does a PDO Hair Thread Treatment resolve?

The PDO hair thread lift treatment helps to stimulate hair regrowth, thereby treating conditions like hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, which is a common occurrence in both males and females and hair thinning. It also helps to improve the texture of existing hair by adding more volume.

Who should get the PDO Hair Thread Treatment?

Any person who has high numbers of weak/intermediate hair, or the ones who are in their early stages of hair thinning or hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia, are ideal candidates for the PDO hair thread lift treatment.

PDO Hair Thread Lift Treatment Before and After Precautions

The following are certain precautions to be taken before and after undergoing hair thread treatment - 

Before Treatment

  • Avoid Any Hair Products on treatment day

 After Treatment

  • Avoid Direct Sun and Heat Exposure
  • Avoid Indulging in steam saunas
  • Avoid Water Contact

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Deekshit Pujari

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Great experience as of now

Friendly behaviour and On point Service. Happy Customer!!!

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Great product

My experience at kaya has been really good. The technicians are well trained, make you feel comfortable and are very professional. The results have also been excellent.

Anchal Gupta

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Good experience

After one year of receiving acne treatment at Kaya Clinic, I can confidently say it has been a great experience. The staff, especially the doctor, were excellent and provided exceptional service.

Nagesh Sawant

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Great Experience

Great service! employee in this outlet, very trained and skilled.They took care to do the treatment at a comfortable pace, offered aftercare advice and suggestions on how to maintain after treatment

Somnath Roy

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Good experience

Good ambience, Dr very supportive and we'll behaved, service quality very good, thanks Kaya.

Bharti Kumari

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Great experience as of now

Happy and satisfied with the treatment and therapist are very supportive and helpful,also follow the safety hygiene very happy with the team work

Mehak Chhabra

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Good experience

The experience was really great. The treatment procedure is good and staff has been cooperative.

Jatin Baweja

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Great experience as of now

Professional, well-trained staff. Proper hygiene is maintained. Everyone ensured I had a comfortable experience.

Neha Sharma

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Good experience

The service is excellent! They really take care of their client. Love coming here

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Great experience as of now

Amazing service ... with excellent staff.
Had a great experience with kaya.

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