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Under Nourished Hair Care: Dull, Dry & Frizzy Hair Treatment


AboutUnder Nourished And Dry Hair

One cannot deny how good one feels when hair not just looks good but feels great because of their inherent health. Whatever the length of your hair, regular care is what'll keep it looking healthy & lustrous. While it's tempting to try different hair styles, don't forget to give it the right amount of nourishment & quality care they need, so that they bounce back to their healthy glory soon enough! Today, beautiful hair is within one’s reach, thanks to the easy access and plethora of products and services available in salons as well as in the DIY space. Healthy hair however is not that easily achieved – it needs sustained efforts to make it long lasting. Knowingly or unknowingly many forces are working against your hair. Forces such as pollution, sun-rays, excessive usage of styling products, improper hair care, salon treatments, hormonal imbalances, inadequate nutrition etc. affects the health of your hair in terms of hair breakage, hair loss and overall thinning of hair.
Regular hair care should become an integral part of every woman’s personal care regime in order to maintain optimal hair health. Maintain a hair care routine that includes oiling and the right shampoo-conditioner- serum combination which is suitable for your hair type. Trim regular to make sure your hair is free of split ends. In terms of styling tools, avoid using hair dryer. If necessary, use it in cold mode. Dandruff, if not treated at the right time, can cause hair loss and scalp inflammation. If your skin is suffering from acne or oily skin, the condition can worsen because of the flakes. Learn more about common hair care mistakes we make and dry, frizzy & dull hair care.

Kaya's ApproachTo Under-Nourished & Dull Hair

The unique approach of the dermatologists at Kaya caters to the entire spectrum of your hair needs by acting on all dimensions of hair

hair loss

Kaya’s 3 step Process to rejuvenate and enhance hair health



Consultation with our expert dermatologist includes a step by step hair and scalp diagnosis.



Targets the underlying reason for under-nourished hair and treats it at the root through in-clinic services



Monitoring results & progress with right diet advice and specially designed hair care products and supplements to boost hair health.


Signs of Under-Nourished Hair


Brittle and Breakage prone Hair

Extreme dryness or oiliness, thinning, shedding etc. are signs of weak or breakage prone hair. It is often genetic or can be caused due to stress, poor diet. Even environmental impact like sun exposure, chlorine or salt water and air pollution affects the health of hair.


Hair becomes frizzy when the cuticle layer of your hair opens up and moisture passes through them, swelling up the hair strands. This eventually leads to dull and frizzy appearance of the hair. People with curly hair experience the frizz more compared to those with straight hair.


Dull hair is not just unhealthy but also it tends to absorb light instead of reflecting it. Many factors trigger dull hair like chemical effects, styling tools, climatic changes and stress.


If proper hair care is not given to the hair, there are high chances of experiencing limp hair. Our lifestyle plays a major role in causing it. Improper hair wash routine, heat, chemical treatments, any health issue, stress, smoking etc. impacts the hair health.


Hair has no natural lubrication. Hence, hair generates oil to keep itself moisturized. When the hair stops producing oil or the hair moisture vanishes, the hair tends to become dry and rough. Also, when layers of cuticle separate, moisture from the hair escapes, which leads to dull and rough hair.

Kaya Hair Health Boost System – For Thicker Shinier Hair

The Kaya Hair Health Boost System is specially designed for every unique hair need and hair type. It comprises of specialized therapies to boost the health of the hair, root and scalp to give stronger, thicker and shinier hair. Rooted in dermatological expertise, the Kaya Hair Health Boost System restores your most precious jewel, your crowning glory to its healthiest best.

Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy - Hair Volumizing, Frizz Control & Breakage Reduction:

Our hair and scalp often face multiple concerns at the same time. Kaya presents the panacea for all hair care concerns by treating the underlying causes and not just the visible symptoms. The goodness of nature coupled with science, the Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Therapy combines deep nourishing oils, phytonutrient extracts, vitamins, minerals and plant peptides to ensure healthy scalp, energized hair roots and strong hair fiber.

The Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Therapy energizes and nourishes the hair root to help promote fuller and denser hair. It also helps prevent hair fall through sebum regulating and anti scalp ageing properties. The therapy addresses dull, limp and breakage prone hair through shaft strengthening and volumizing effect. The service also contains an application to deliver instant shine and smoothening of the hair!

Experience the Kaya 360° Hair Elixir Therapy to address all your hair concerns at one go!

Kaya Hair Therapy

The various benefits of this approach are

  • Breakage Reduction
  • Hair Root Energizing
  • Dandruff Removal
  • Hair Shaft Strengthening
  • Hair Volumizing
  • Hair Smoothening & Make it Shiny
  • Hair Frizz Control
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