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Effective Biocell Hair Growth Therapy With Kaya Specialists

The Journey with Kaya


At Kaya, our team of expert dermatologists & hair care specialists understand the uniqueness of Indian hair and creates special assessments to recommend solutions designed for the best efficacy.


In the consultation phase, based on the hair assessment, the hair care specialist will recommend precautions or activities to ensure the procedure is smooth, successful, and hassle-free.​


Kaya Clinic’s world-class hospitality, technology, and hair care specialists will ensure the procedure is executed with care and precision. 

Post-procedure care

Once the procedure is done, based on the consultation and need for the treatment, the hair care specialists at Kaya Clinic will recommend post-procedure care routines and precautions to maintain the results further. 

Why choose the Bio-cell treatment for hair growth at Kaya

At Kaya, we believe in offering not only the most effective & advanced hair growth treatment but also a minimally invasive & pain-free experience for all. The bio-cell therapy for controlling hair loss & thinning at the Kya clinic involves using specialised QR 678 complex Growth factors, Biomimetic peptides, and Cosmeceuticals that are particularly effective & stimulating agents for improved hair growth. 

Works on Skin Tightening:-

offers a comprehensive range of non-invasive solutions for various aesthetic concerns. These include brow lifts, eyelid hooding, under-eye bags, back of arms, abdomen, knees, and even vaginal rejuvenation.

Improves Skin Rejuvenation:-

It addresses various skin concerns, including minimising pores, reducing the appearance of scars, skin tightening, and achieving a smoother skin texture. 

Cellulite Reduction:-

Viora body contouring technology focuses on body areas, including the anterior arms, love handles, bra strap area, hips, buttocks, interior thighs, outer thighs, and abdomen.

Circumferential Reduction:-

It utilises advanced technology to reduce volume by shrinking fat cells, resulting in inch loss from the waist, back of arms, and thighs.

Scar & Stretch Marks:-

It also aids in diminishing the appearance of scars by promoting increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, and collagen production in the surrounding healthy tissue.

Experts Speak!

What our customers say

Deekshit Pujari

5 5

Great experience as of now

Friendly behaviour and On point Service. Happy Customer!!!

Asawari Jadhav

5 5

Great product

My experience at kaya has been really good. The technicians are well trained, make you feel comfortable and are very professional. The results have also been excellent.

Anchal Gupta

5 5

Good experience

After one year of receiving acne treatment at Kaya Clinic, I can confidently say it has been a great experience. The staff, especially the doctor, were excellent and provided exceptional service.

Nagesh Sawant

5 5

Great Experience

Great service! employee in this outlet, very trained and skilled.They took care to do the treatment at a comfortable pace, offered aftercare advice and suggestions on how to maintain after treatment

Somnath Roy

5 5

Good experience

Good ambience, Dr very supportive and we'll behaved, service quality very good, thanks Kaya.

Bharti Kumari

5 5

Great experience as of now

Happy and satisfied with the treatment and therapist are very supportive and helpful,also follow the safety hygiene very happy with the team work

Mehak Chhabra

5 5

Good experience

The experience was really great. The treatment procedure is good and staff has been cooperative.

Jatin Baweja

5 5

Great experience as of now

Professional, well-trained staff. Proper hygiene is maintained. Everyone ensured I had a comfortable experience.

Neha Sharma

5 5

Good experience

The service is excellent! They really take care of their client. Love coming here

Siddharth Bakshi

5 5

Great experience as of now

Amazing service ... with excellent staff.
Had a great experience with kaya.

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