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  1. Kaya Lighten & Smooth Under Eye Gel - Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness
    Kaya Lighten & Smooth Under Eye Gel - Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness

    Suitable For: All skin types

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Dullness - What causes dullness and how to maintain radiant and glowing skin?

Oily or Dry Skin

Skin that produces excessive oil make the surface look greasy and dampens the glow of the skin. On the other hand, lack of moisture or dry skin types look shrunken and dehydrated. This makes the skin look dull. A suitable Moisturiser for your skin type should bring about the balance to maintain radiant & glowing skin

Pollution & Dirt

Dirt trapped on the surface of your skin along with other dead skin cells can give it a dull appearance. Exfoliating and Cleansing your skin as needed during the day will help maintain the glow.

Tanning and uneven skin tone

When exposure to the sun is not protected by a Sunscreen, your skin tans and oftens creates an uneven skin tone. To achieve an even skin tone that looks bright and radiant requires you to lighten, brighten and exfoliate the skin regularly and apply sunscreen to avoid any further unevenness

Dermatologists recommend: 3 Step routine for bright and radiant skin

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