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Pre Bridal and Bridal Packages at Best Prices


Prep for your big day with bridal packages at Kaya


Here’s why you should choose Kaya’s pre bridal packages

Bridal makeup is famously known to be heavier than everyday makeup. Pre Bridal packages prepare your skin & hair not just to endure the hours of wearing heavy makeup, hair products & jewellery but foundationally make your skin & hair healthy. So if your #BridalAesthetic is radiant & glowing, we got you covered!

While everybody awaits the fun & exciting wedding season, all the brides out there look forward to the Pre wedding period. Wondering why? Well, of course, because they’re enjoying prepping for all the ceremonies to look like a million bucks on their special day! Right from picking the right materials and shades for their wedding lehnga to nourishing their skin with utmost care, pre wedding periods are marked by self-care and enhancement activities.

And a bride’s exciting pre wedding preparations are nothing without her beloved friends & family! And at Kaya, you’ve got a reliable friend right by you. To ensure every bride feels like a queen, we offer our soon-to-be brides a special bridal pack to reward her with super glowing skin! Here are some features of the bridal skin care packages at Kaya:-

● Wide array of treatments - Premium skin care services like Q-Switch, Insta Glow & Insta Clarity Peels, Luxury Facials, and much more included in our bridal pack for a glowing skin.

● 100+ Dermat network - Our services are provided by 100+ strong dermats who curate custom packages to create the strongest and fittest skin and hair health that prepares you for all upcoming big moments.

● At home self care - To ensure that our pre bridal services have the most long-lasting effects, we offer a range of skincare products formulated by our expert dermatologists at Kaya to be used at your convenience.

Gift cards for your loved ones - Whether you’re a bride to be or looking to gift someone special for your big day, we’ve crafted special bridal package gift cards available at all our clinics that you can treat yourself to or gift a soon-to-be bride!


Pre Bridal and Bridal Packages Cost
At Kaya, we believe that body care and beauty go beyond a lifestyle choice and rather consider it a self-care habit. To make our expertise in beauty & body wellness in exclusive bridal packages affordable and a viable option for every bride across the country, we offer our 4 special bridal package options that can be chosen as per what fits you best!


Bridal Package Price (INR)
Gold Rs 20,000/-
Pearl Rs 50,000/-
Ruby Rs 75,000/-
Diamond Rs 1,00,000/-

 What’s more? Each package also comes with add on FREE Benefits that one can avail over and above the card package value. 

So what you waiting for? Book an appointment or visit your nearest Kaya Clinic now!

Why should you choose pre bridal packages at Kaya?

Kaya’s 3-step Approach To A Flawless & Radiant Wedding Look:-

  • Identify Your Personal Skin Requirements & The Essential Skin Care Bridal Services It Needs
  • Treat With Services In A Timely Manner To Get Synergistic Effects
  • Maintain The Skin Treatment Effects With Special Home Care Products & Maintenance Services

Special Care For Your Special Day With Our Skin Specialists

At Kaya, we’ve curated our best pre bridal and bridal services & home care products in our 2 distinct pre bridal packages. Here is a list of skin care treatments that are included in our bridal packages:-

Q Switch - A US FDA-approved revolutionary technology also known as Insta Clarity Laser Treatment, that has a non-invasive approach to provide visbly clear skin that is free of dark spots, tanning, hyperpigmentation, etc.
Insta Clarity Peels -  Facial peel that gently exfoliates & uses a tri-active system to combat pigmentation and brighten skin from within.
Insta Glow Peels - Like the clarity peels, these peels enriched with natural extracts like  Mango, Pumpkin, or Vitamin C instantly rejuvenate your skin.
Luxury Facial - Customized bridal facials packages in which skin requirements are analyzed to then treat it with suitable nourishing nutrients & effective enhancement techniques.
Insta Skin Brilliance - A combination of microdermabrasion exfoliation, Insta Clarity Peels, and an advanced facial mask for a seamless, luminous complexion.
For maintaining that super glowing skin, here are the products you can avail in each of our bridal package:-

  • Soothing Cleansing Gel
  • Brightening & Firm Eye Serum 10ml/ 10% Niacinamide (Aha-bha)
  • Anytime Moisturizing Cream 50ml
  • 75ml Sensitive Sunscreen Spf15 Tube
  • Collagen Boost Serum

Taking Inspiration From Real Brides

We believe every bride deserves to look like her most radiant, gorgeous, and happy self. To deliver the best to them, we at Kaya have offered real brides in India a golden opportunity in our #BridesOfKaya contest to undergo various treatments in our bridal packages. To transform their complexion and bring about a glow from within, they can redeem these specialized skin services performed by our Kaya experts that will provide customized solutions based on the bride’s skin type & requirements to create the perfect foundation for their big day!


Skincare packages for everyone for every special occasion

Let us tell you a little secret: Special days are not only in-store for brides, but each and every one of you! Wondering how? Whether you want to spend share some special joys with your family members or enjoy a rejuvenating session with your gal group before your big day, Kaya offers bridal package options that can be enjoyed together! Our rejuvenating skin care packages can be availed by anyone who wants to treat themselves this festive season and flaunt an unmatched glow at every occasion! 

FAQs About Pre Bridal Packages 

Q. What should be included in pre bridal package?
A. A good pre wedding bridal package will include rejuvenating skin care and hair care services & products to enjoy a wholesome treatment that preps your skin & hair to look gorgeous on your wedding day!

Q. Which are the best bridal facial packages?
The best beauty facial that you should get before your wedding is one that targets your specific skin requirements, type, and issues, to treat it with the most nourishing nutrients & effective enhancement techniques that result in the most luminous, supple, and refreshed facial skin that is prepped for glamorous bridal makeup!

Q. How do I prepare my skin for marriage?
A. The best way to prep your skin before your wedding day is to get super-effective skin care services conducted by our experienced dermatologists & products to maintain your transformed skin, all included in an exclusive pre bridal package!

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