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  1. Kaya Lighten & Smooth Under Eye Gel - Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness
    Kaya Lighten & Smooth Under Eye Gel - Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness

    Suitable For: All skin types

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Pigmentation - What causes pigmentation and how to maintain pigmentation-free skin?

Melanin deposits

When skin's pigment cells get accumulated unevenly in some spots of the skin, it causes that spot to appear darker. This is called hyperpigmentation. These happen naturally but can be lightened to give you even skin tone. Using Creams & Moisturisers rich in Niacinamide works wonders to achieve even skin tone

Acne scarring

Erupting acne can leave behind deep tissue scars that appear darker and stay for a longer time. These scars usually require more focused treatment inorder to lighten and become visibly lighter. Dermatologists recommend using a Spot Corrector for Acne scarred spot along with a good Exfoliator

Sun Damage

Melanin deposits get activated by exposure to the sun and it’s UVA & UVB rays, something leaving a more rigid pigmentation than usual. It’s important to protect your skin by using a Sunscreen everyday, if your skin is prone to pigmentation

Dermatologists recommend: 3 Step routine for acne-free skin

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