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Ageing - What causes Ageing and how to maintain ageless skin?

Sun Damage

Also known as photoaging, the UVA & UVB rays impact your epidermis and levels of skin deeper. Sun damage over your lifetime is known to be one of the leading factors for wrinkling skin and premature ageing. It is important to protect your skin, if there is a beauty advice, it is to wear Sunscreen everyday

Lack of Hydration

To remain elastic, the layers of your skin need daily and ample hydration. While drinking water and maintaining a good diet helps this, all skin types need to maintain the hydration on the external surface of your skin to avoid the loss of elasticity and external drying factors. A good Moisturiser can keep your skin hydrated for longer periods of time


The most common impact of lifestyle indulgences on skin is “Free Radicals”. The external surface of the skin gets damaged by free radicals caused by air pollution & UV rays. Free radicals are created through process of oxidation and thus anti-oxidants foods are extremely important for our body. But for the layers of our skin, anti-oxidant Serums becomes essentials to avoid free radicals

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