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What causes acne and how to maintain acne-free skin?

Hormonal changes

At different times of one's age, starting with puberty, our body goes through changes that often show effects on our skin. This is through heat or excessive oil production that traps debris in our pores also resulting in active acne-causing bacteria to build up. The ideal way to avoid acne-causing bacteria is through Cleansing your skin

Clogged Pores

In day-to-day life, skin traps debris, produces oil, and also sheds dead skin cells. These together can clog your pores and acne-causing bacteria lead to inflammation that causes the acne bumps. The ideal way to avoid this is by Exfoliating your skin regularly

Excess Oil

One thing common between acne-prone skin is that they produce excessive oil, but that is not a bad thing. What needs to be kept in control is the size of the pores, which stores debris and bacteria trapping oil. To reduce and maintain the size of the pores, it is important to Tone your skin clean skin and then Moisturises it, so that it remains hydrated and avoids excessive oil production

Dermatologists recommend: 3 Step routine for acne-free skin

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