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Hairfall - What causes hair fall and how to maintain strong and healthy hair?

Under-nourished roots

Hair-fall is of two kinds. One of the most concerning is the hair fall from the roots, which leaves visibility bald patches. This is caused by various factors, but the most common reason is under-nourished roots that are unable to hold your hair strands against regular brushing and styling. Using a Scalp Nourishing Oil that is formulated by science and nature, make your roots stronger

Brittle hair strands

When your hair does not receive adequate nourishment from the scalp’s natural oil, it becomes thin and flat. This makes the hair easy to break and brittle for everyday styling and brushing. Heat treatments and styling chemicals also strip away moisture and protein from your hair strands. Using the combination of a deep conditioning Hair Masque and Nourishing Shampoo as a hair care routine will improve your hair health


When the hair is tangled and unmanageable, everyday styling and brushing can lead to breakage. Hair breakage happens due to undernourished and brittle hair strands, but is caused mainly because the hair strands are tangled, frizzy, and break in the process of achieving a presentable look. The process of achieving healthy hair also requires hair to be manageable and smooth in order to avoid further breakage when brushing and styling. Using a Hair Serum that makes hair smooth and manageable is the right way to avoid further breakage

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