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6 Home Remedies For Wrinkles: Causes, Treatments, and How to Remove Wrinkles From Face Quickly

6 Home Remedies For Wrinkles: Causes, Treatments, and How to Remove Wrinkles From Face Quickly

Table Of Contents 

  • What are the Best Wrinkles Remover Tips?
  • How to Prevent Wrinkles?
  • 6 Home Remedies for How to get rid of Wrinkles Naturally
  • Causes of Wrinkles
  • Wrinkle Treatment at Kaya
  • Frequently Asked Questions Home Remedies for Wrinkles 

Wrinkles are the most common signs of losing our youth, as we grow old, people opt for wrinkle treatment or experiment with various home remedies to reduce wrinkles. Read about what are the various causes of wrinkles, while also learning about tips and tricks that can help you curb you skin aging. Read on to find out various home remedies and clinical treatments than can help you remove wrinkles.

What are the best tips for how to get rid of wrinkles effectively?

When it comes to methods of dealing with wrinkles, it would be beneficial to understand ways and means of preventing them from occurring too early in your life.

Quit Smoking

One of the most effective ways to how to get rid of wrinkles is by quitting smoking. The first step would be to cut out habits such as smoking or using soap as both contain toxins that can be damaging for the skin. Second-hand smoke is more harmful considering there isn’t any filter between your body and the toxins delivered by the smoke.

Avoid Using Soap

Avoid using soap is another crucial step in how to get rid of wrinkles effectively. Soap has the ability to take away the oils that are naturally produced by the skin. If at all soap is used, then one should ensure that we follow it up with a moisturizer to trap in the oils.

Change Your Diet

  • Supplementing one’s diet with the right food items can help in maintaining the quality and tightness of the skin.
  • Proteins have the ability to help our body in regenerating strong & healthy skin cells. They also help in combating dull skin and skin that heals slowly.
  • A natural way to get a healthy dose of proteins on a daily basis would be to consume eggs, chicken, salmon and tuna.
  • Vitamin C has the ability to assist the body in synthesizing Collagen which is required to maintain the elasticity of one’s skin.
  • Losing out on elasticity makes the skin more prone to sagging and wrinkles.
  • Fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, kiwis, oranges, tomatoes, bell peppers, kale & broccoli can provide the necessary Vitamin C in a natural way, on a daily basis.
  • Almonds, Blueberries & Tomatoes that are capable of providing the relevant nutrition for your skin. The presence of anti-oxidants as well as the Vitamins E and C help in maintaining collagen levels, providing UV protection and improving blood circulation. Including these food items as part of your regular diet can help you achieve a natural glow on your skin.
  • Enjoy Some Dark Chocolate-Catechins which are the natural anti-oxidants found in cocoa help your skin a lot! So taking pleasure in the small joys of life isn’t off the cards. Enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate as a snack, dessert, or even as hot cocoa and work towards healthier skin from within.

How to Prevent Wrinkles?

Although wrinkles cannot be controlled, you can certainly prevent the skin from becoming prone to it. Listed below are few simple preventions that you must follow to keep your skin looking younger.

Covering up whenever possible

Habituating yourself to covering up whenever exposed to sunlight, helps in the long run. Your chances of getting flakey-dry and dark skin are fewer when lesser amount of skin is bare to the sun. Wearing hats, sunglasses or gloves provides the required protection. Avoid slathering your skin with too much sunscreen so that it can breathe and rejuvenate itself.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of liquids like water, coconut water and green tea and eating cucumbers provide the essential antioxidants. Staying hydrated not only flushes out any toxins but also moisturizes the skin from within.

Sleeping Patterns

The manner in which one sleeps also determines the presence of wrinkles on our skin. Sleeping in any manner that compresses any skin can lead to the formation of wrinkles. This implies that we should make an effort to sleep on our backs to prevent the furrowing of our brows and creases from appearing on our face.


A beauty regimen has the sole aim of maintaining good skin health as well as the way one looks. Exfoliation is one such process that plays a key role in maintaining skin health. Instead of performing exfoliating methods that involve harmful chemicals, it is advised that one uses acids present in common food items such as oranges, lemons & yoghurt which are wonderful natural exfoliates. They help in dissolving the old skin thus allowing younger and firmer skin to emerge.

 6 home remedies for how to get rid of wrinkles naturally

Skin wrinkles are just like any other skin related problem considering the fact that they have their own set of tried and tested home remedies. Each of these home remedies for wrinkles consist of items that can be found lying around the house on a general basis. A face pack is one of the most relaxing ways of addressing problems faced by the skin on our face. A concoction of household items can help you regain skin health in a natural and cost effective way.

List of Home Remedies for Wrinkles

  • Banana Face Mask
  • Egg White Face Mask
  • Greek Yogurt Face Mask
  • Coconut Oil & Olive Oil
  • Lemon Honey Dab
  • Using Aloe Vera

Banana Face Mask


  • Banana
  • Orange Juice
  • Yogurt


  • Take a banana mash it with a teaspoon of orange juice and a teaspoon of plain yoghurt,
  • Mixed them to form a creamy mask
  • Apply it to your face for around 15-20 minutes.

Benefits of Banana Mask

  • The presence of Vitamin A helps in fading away the dark spots and blemishes while the Vitamin B prevents aging.
  • The presence of Potassium acts as a moisturizer thus hydrating our skin cells.
  • Lastly, the presence Vitamin E in bananas helps build the skin’s resistance to UV damage.

Egg White Face Mask


  • Egg White
  • Lemon Juice
  • Honey


  • Rejuvenating face mask that can be made by mixing one egg white, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey.

Benefits of Egg White Face Mask

  • The presence of Vitamin A helps in fading away the dark spots and blemishes while the Vitamin B prevents aging.
  • The presence of Potassium acts as a moisturizer thus hydrating our skin cells.
  • The presence Vitamin E in bananas helps build the skin’s resistance to UV damage. This mixture can help tighten, tone and shrink the skin’s pores. This home remedy is very beneficial for people who have oily skin.
  • Egg whites are a great source of protein that the skin uses for tissue repair and growth.
  • The potassium helps preserve the moisture in skin cells and Fiboflavin or Riboflavin helps in eliminating toxins and free radicals which have the potential to cause wrinkles.
  • Magnesium is capable of slowing down the aging process, making one’s skin radiant. Egg whites also contain Lysozyme that is capable of digesting the cell walls of acne-causing bacteria.

Greek Yogurt Face Mask


  • Greek Yogurt
  • Pureed Cucumber
  • Mint Leaves


  • Mix half a cup of Greek yogurt mixed with half a pureed cucumber and mint leaves.
  • Keep this mixture in the fridge
  • Use it as a cool, naturally hydrating face mask .

Benefits of Greek Yogurt Face Mask

  • One cucumber contains the Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and Zinc.
  • All of these are naturally sourced minerals and vitamins to help you tighten your skin while also lightening it, hydrating it and protecting it from dryness, peeling, or cracking.

Coconut Oil & Olive Oil


  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil


  • Apply this Oils to your skin before going to bed

Benefits of Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

  • It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • They are rich in antioxidants that can prevent the buildup of free radicals in the body which cause early aging.
  • They also function as a natural moisturizer that should be massaged into your skin each night before bed.
  • Lastly, they are a great way to achieve protection from the sun.

Lemon Honey Dab


  • Lemon
  • Honey


  • The Lemon Juice Honey dab can be used before one leaves the house, or before applying any makeup, or washing one’s face.
  • Apply a thin layer of lemon juice mixed with honey, for a period of 10 minutes.

Benefits of Lemon Honey Dab

  • The honey contains humectant, which preserves moisture in skin cells, while the lemon boosts the production of collagen.
  • This home remedy has the added benefit of leaving you feeling fresh and smelling great!
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Using Aloe Vera


  • Aloe Vera leaves


  • Apply the gel inside Aloe Vera leaves on the affected area

Benefits of Aloe Vera

  • Sunburns are famed for being the easiest way to damage and wrinkle our skin, which is where applying this gel can ease the healing process due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The Aloe Vera plant contains a clear gel inside of it, which has wound-healing and soothing effects on the skin, especially after sunbathing.
  • It is fairly convenient to have an Aloe Vera plant growing in your garden, giving easy access to the vitamins and minerals that can help take care of your skin.

Causes of Wrinkles

  • Sun Damage: Although the sun is a greatest natural source of Vitamin D, being exposed to it for long durations can be detrimental for the skin. Staying in the sunlight can cause your skin to start wrinkling before time apart from causing excessive dryness, sunburn damage & long-term structural changes to the collagen present in the skin. Striking a balance between applying sunscreen or being covered when out can help your skin be protected from the wrinkle causing sun rays.
  • Genes: Apart from just sun damage, wrinkles can also be caused as a result of a person’s genetic make-up and his/her skin type. Often, people who are light-colored or have blue eyes are more prone to sun damage.
  • Smoking: On the basis of whether you are habituated to smoking or not, wrinkles occur. Second hand smoke is also considered to cause wrinkles.
  • Facial expression: Repeated facial expressions and movements like smiling, frowning or squinting can cause grooves that become permanent with time.
  • Other Reasons: Further, sitting too close to a computer or TV screen as well as missing out on an annual eye examination can cause one to squint, thus causing the skin around your eyes to become prone to wrinkles.

Wrinkle Treatment at Kaya

Using home remedies to treat wrinkles on the face and body is a wonderful option for you if taken up at the right age. However, if you wish to achieve a youthful, wrinkle-free look at any age, Kaya provides a set of anti aging treatment that fit every budget and requirement. Kaya’s juve dermal Filler service is a 30 minute non-surgical procedure that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and lasts for up to a year. Other skin tightening treatment offered by Kaya include the PRP skin rejuvenation treatment and the botox treatment along with the Youth Excel range of products.

Frequently Asked Questions Home Remedies for Wrinkles 

Q1. How to Remove Wrinkles from Face Quickly?
A1. Cosmetic Procedures: If you're looking for fast and noticeable results, consider non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox or dermal fillers. These treatments are performed by professionals and can help smooth out wrinkles temporarily.

Q2. How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally in Just 7 Days:
Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally in Just 7 Days

  • Proper Skincare: Adopt a daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and using a sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from further damage.
  • Healthy Diet: Focus on a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Foods like berries, citrus fruits, leafy greens, and nuts can help support skin health.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well-hydrated. Proper hydration can improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Topical Treatments: Look for natural anti-aging ingredients like aloe vera, honey, or coconut oil, which may help improve skin texture and moisture.
  • Facial Massage: Gently massaging your face may stimulate blood flow and improve the appearance of your skin.

Q3. How to Remove Wrinkles from Face Quickly at Home?
Remove Wrinkles from Face Quickly at Home

  • Natural Oils: Applying natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil to your skin can provide temporary moisture and improve the appearance of wrinkles.
  • DIY Face Masks: Some DIY face masks with ingredients like egg whites, yogurt, and honey may help temporarily tighten and hydrate the skin.
  • Facial Exercises: Consider facial exercises that can help tone facial muscles and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.
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