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Expert Dermatologist Solutions for Skin & Hair

Expert Dermatologist Solutions for Skin & Hair


Stubborn Acne Issues

You might have purchased an over the counter cream to prevent acne. It might work keeping them under control for some time, but if you see them appearing again after a month or 2 of consistent use, you should see a dermatologist. They would study your skin issues and provide you with solutions as per your skin type. An over the counter cream might work for a normal skin but if you have sensitive skin, it needs more care. So it is best to meet a skin expert who will guide you through the treatment.


Skin Discoloration or Pigmentation

This is an issue that needs immediate attention. If you find a certain area of the skin getting dark, it is advisable to take an appointment with a skin expert. It can be a sign of skin cancer. Appearing of moles or warts also needs attention and a skin care expert can address the issue promptly.


Cellulite and Stretchmarks

There are lots of creams and lotions available in the market that claim to remove stretch marks and cellulite. But they do not remove them completely. Dermatologist will suggest you promising laser treatments and products that will address both the issues. Be assured you will no longer be troubled by embarrassing dimpled thighs and ugly stretch marks.


Hair Problems

Do you see hair loss or dandruff problems? It is best to see a skin expert. Lots of us suffer from scalp problems but ignore it. Thinning of hair is a sign of scalp problems. Also flaky scalp can cause hair loss. Seeking help of a dermatologist will help to address the issues and find an appropriate solution. They can guide you with hair transplant or laser treatments.

Dermatologist will offer skin treatment as per your problem and skin type. Dermatologist is just like your doctor except he or she addresses problems pertaining to skin and hair. So leave all you doubts and fears and take an appointment today. Kaya’s skin care experts are fully trained and will take utmost care to provide you with the best solutions for your skin. To know more


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