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Why Experimentation Might Not Be The Way To Go For Your Hair

Why Experimentation Might Not Be The Way To Go For Your Hair

If you’ve been dying to experiment with a new hair product, maybe you should reconsider this decision! Constant experimentation is a calling card for multiple hair concerns. Here’s how trying out new products can harm your hair.

Effects Of Experimentation On Your Hair

Flaky Scalp

Overdoing various product trials on your hair makes the scalp dry and flaky, ultimately causing dandruff. Some hair products are low or even zero in moisturization which adds up to the dryness of your scalp. Such products can turn out to be the cause of a white build up on your scalp resulting in dandruff. If you’re already a victim of  such a damaged scalp, the Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion is your saving grace. This overnight lotion is formulated to soothe an itchy and irritated scalp and to effectively control the formation of dandruff.

Hair Breakage

Trial and error may be a good option but not when it comes to your hair. Constantly experimenting with new hair products makes your hair brittle and prone to breakage. Sometimes, hair products contain a high amount of protein which is also a cause for hair breakage. The Kaya Root Regen Hair Protect Serum is developed using the complex of sugarcane, lemon, basil and apple extract which is known to reduce hair fall and breakage. This easy absorbing serum improves hair strength by nourishing hair fibre.

Dry Hair

Trying out new hair products comes with the risk of dryness. This happens majorly due to the acids that these hair products contain. These acids act as cleansing agents but while at work, they take away all the moisture from your hair, making it dry.

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