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Understanding Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)


What is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)?

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is a form of pigmentation which is commonly known as hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation. This form of hyperpigmentation affects the face as well as the body. This form of pigmentation is caused in response to inflammation such as acne or due to injury.

What causes Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

Any damage to the dermis or the epidermis causes PIH. The melanocytes are stimulated to increase melanin synthesis when there is an inflammation in the epidermis. This also causes the transfer of pigments to the keratinocytes which are in the surrounding. With long exposure to the sun, the post inflammatory pigmentation becomes darker. To avoid this it is advised to take precaution by applying sunscreen.

What are the signs and triggers of PIH?

Flat spots of discoloration can be identified as a sign of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. People who suffer from acne are most affected by PIH. Other than acne, it can also be caused due to aesthetic interventions such as dermabrasion, laser-therapies or chemical peels. This form of hyperpigmentation can affect all skin types, but is most common among those with darker skin tones. Depending on the depth of discoloration and the skin tone, the macules can vary in colors from pink to red, and brown or black. These discolorations may resemble dark patches of skin, or small discolored freckles which may appear shiny like new skin. The signs of PIH are more persistent and intense in those with dark skin tone.

How is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation diagnosed?

The diagnosis for this kind of hyperpigmentation is done by a careful examination of the skin. In the case of dermal melanosis, there is a characteristic greyish, purple or brown hue to the skin. In some cases only after a full skin biopsy is conducted is the diagnosis made.

What are Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatments?

There are a variety of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation treatments available. Since this pigmentation has affected an exposed area, daily application is advised to minimize the darkening caused due to UV rays. Other treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatment etc. are also used to treat this form of hyperpigmentation. Kaya Skin Care clinic offers different treatments for all kinds of hyperpigmentation. Kaya Skin Care clinic offers different treatments for all kinds of hyperpigmentation.

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation are:

•  Pigmentation Reduction System

•  Insta Clarity Laser Action

What is Pigmentation Reduction System?

This treatment is a combination of specialized services and products which have been incorporated with highly effective ingredients and technology. These products have been chosen specifically due to its properties which can reverse the effects of pigmentation and in turn will make your skin appear visibly clear and lighten your complexion. One of the core peels in this system is the Insta Clarity Peel. This peel system has a tri-active combination and has been specifically developed by Kaya’s dermatologists.

What is Insta Clarity Laser Action?

This treatment can be used for treating both superficial as well as pigmentation which are deeper. This is an advanced treatment which uses the Q-Switched laser. The Q-Switched laser is completely safe for use on Indian skin. It thus becomes effective in treating unwanted skin pigmentation. Using an invisible beam of light it is able to target the brown pigmentation. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigmented cells, which are dispersed and absorbed by the body. This is a revolutionary treatment which is able to give your clearer skin with just one treatment.
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