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Embrace Fashion With Essential Rainy Season Picks

Embrace Fashion With Essential Rainy Season Picks

Take out that trendy outfit from your closet, while we give you a couple of handy advices to challenge the mischievous rains.  Here’s our list of must haves you have to get your hands on this season to help you fight monsoons in style.  

  • Flip flops

Perhaps, wearing flip flops is the best part about the rainy season. They are best suited for a day out on informal wear. It is not something that’s scowled upon anymore. Flips Flops dry fast and are a complete fuss free choice in footwear during light rains. Also, they add a colourful effect to your entire ensemble, pepping your entire personality instantly; that’s just perfect for a stylish rainy season. Ensure you choose a zany print with a good grasp. We do not want you falling down those stairs now!


  • Shorts

There is nothing more terrible than being trapped outside in the rains only to find ourselves damp and humid for the rest of the day. That is why we suggest a timeless pair of shorts.  Ensure you wear dark coloured ones with fabrics that are not see-through. Hence, choose from fairly thick fabrics in synthetic blends that can dry quicker and are adaptable too. You can pair them up with a blazer for work, a modest tee for fun or an elegant blouse for a night out. Keep up with the monsoon feel with pretty shorts so you do not have to care about dirtying the edges of your trousers.


  • Waterproof Handbags

You do not want your much-loved leather bag to lose its splendour during monsoons. Show some compassionate love for those exquisite leather bags and pick something a little more appropriate like plastic totes in solid and transparent colours. For a night out during this season, buy some patent leather clutches that are ultra-trendy. Bid your leather bags a goodbye for these three months and go for trendy colourful waterproof bags. 


  • Gumboots

Monsoons are incomplete without the typical “Gumboots”. Perfect for a regular walker, they safeguard your much-loved trousers from any puddle or crater.  They come with a quick-dry knitted nylon lining, making it an effortless affair with the boots to be worn every single day for three whole months, and it also has a rubber out-sole for a strong grip. Gumboots are chic, comfortable and a perfect bet to beat the rains stylishly.


  • Raincoats

Keep yourself up to date by picking monsoon basics like raincoats as they go beyond their basic use. Select your preferred trend before you buy your monsoon gear, as rain coats are available in neon colours, polka dotted and even transparent. We say raincoats are one of the most fabulous ways to keep yourself dry, fashionably all through these unpredictable monsoons.


  • Umbrellas

Your wardrobe is incomplete if you do not have a trendy umbrella for monsoons. Pretty, trendy umbrellas are available in all shapes and sizes. You can get a frilly one or one with funky prints and there are ones which have shimmer too.

So time to gear up and go for these timeless trends and have a whale of time this monsoon season. Don’t you agree?!

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