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Your Guide To Hair Transplants


Are you noticing too many hair strands on your comb these days? There are numerous causes of hair loss and baldness. It can be hereditary, hormonal, stress-related, due to poor diet and sleep, lifestyle or pollution. When the balding area increases in size, and the hair follicles get damaged, there is no hair growth possible from the said area. While baldness is a common phenomenon in men, it is not rare in women. Women too can experience diffused hair loss throughout their scalp as they age. Hair transplant procedure should be considered in such cases. So read on to know how does hair transplant work.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions

Kaya hair transplant procedure uses the follicular unit extraction method. Kaya Follicular Unit Extraction method implants individual hair grafts from the healthy donor area to the weak, damaged recipient area. As the grafts from a healthy area stimulate the bald areas, a growth of healthy, natural looking hair is usually witnessed. As this procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is not pain or scars involved post treatment. The new hair growth is strong and thick and can survive the assault of various biological and environmental factors on them in the long run.

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