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Why Should You Go For Laser Hair Removal Before A Trip

Why Should You Go For Laser Hair Removal Before A Trip

Aren’t trips just exciting? We invest all our time in listing down travel essentials for the trip but often ignore the most important element; body hair! If your departure date is nearing, here's how laser hair removal will help in making your vacation exceptional!

How Is Laser Hair Removal Useful Before A Trip?

Complete Hair Removal

Do you travel with razors and waxing strips, dreading the horror of hair growth while you’re holidaying? With laser hair removal, this concern will be off your mind. As laser hair removal covers the entire area of your skin it leaves no odds for any hair to go unnoticed. A minimum of 6 laser hair removal sessions work their magic to give you hair-free skin.

Scar-Free Skin

Are the scars left by ingrown hair making you change your plan of wearing shorts during your trip? Waxing and shaving, together, play a major role in causing hair ingrowth. As laser hair removal hits the bottom of hair follicles, it pulls the plug on hair ingrowth. Sometimes, waxing tears the hair follicles, causing dark spots and scars. This does not happen with laser hair removal as it works deeply on hair follicles without affecting the surrounding area of your skin.

Cost Effective

Who doesn’t love to shop while on a trip? We know that you’ll be emptying your pockets while you’re vacationing. In that case, penny-pinching your hair removal expense is sure to leave a bit more cash in your hands to splurge! Here’s how you can save more money with laser hair removal as compared to waxing.

Where Can I Go For A Laser Hair Removal?

Kaya brings forward a decade's experience of successfully serving more than 1,00,000 happy, hair- free customers. The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal uses US-FDA approved advanced laser technology that is suitable for indian skin type. The dermatologists at Kaya begin the process by conducting  a thorough check up and recommending treatments that will be suitable for your skin and hair type.

To enjoy a hair-free vacation, book an appointment at Kaya immediately.

Have you been dropping the idea of a laser hair removal fearing the myths surrounding it? Here are the myth busters about laser hair removal.

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