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Why Pimple Popping Is Not Recommended

Why Pimple Popping Is Not Recommended

Popping pimples is the easiest way to worsen the breakout. Popping can leave you with scars, or God forbid, an infection. When you pop a pimple, you’re actually tearing open your skin in the process. You’re also introducing bacteria from your hands into the open wound, which can therefore become infected and leave a permanent scar. Chances are that as a result of the popping, the number of pimples might multiply.

Some of us suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder of popping pimples. Our hands tend to involuntarily linger around our face hoping to find a pimple we can pop.

The biggest issue of popping pimples isn’t just skin infection, but also scarring. Pitted scars are permanent and no amount of treatment can set it right. While acne can be easily treated, pitted scars cannot. This is why, one must avoid the temptation to pop pimples.

Find a treatment that suits your skin type. Do check with your dermatologist before choosing one to make sure it’s safe for your skin. And if you find the right treatment, in time, there will be no need to pop pimples that don’t even exist.

Best effects are achieved and managed from peels if the right skin care routine for your skin is established. At Kaya we evaluate your skin and advise the best skin care for your personal needs. Visit to know more.

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