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Why Is The Scalp And Root As Important As Your Hair?

Why Is The Scalp And Root As Important As Your Hair?

Have you been facing too many hair issues lately? It’s nothing else but your scalp and the roots that are playing the devil’s card here. Even the slightest neglect of the scalp can cause loads of hair troubles. Which is why it becomes crucial to keep it healthy and well maintained.

Why Is The Scalp And Root So Important?

Hair Growth

Remember the last time you cut your hair short and then regretted your decision just because you missed your long hair? Well, without a healthy scalp and roots, it is difficult to restore your hair to its previous length. The roots comprise of cells that are nourished by the scalp. With proper care, these roots generate new cells, making your strands grow into long, beautiful hair.

Sebum Secretion

With the daily hustle bustle come a lot of hair-damaging hazards! Your scalp is exposed to so many impurities during the day. This can be an alarming situation as external impurities settling on hair may start clogging hair follicles thus affecting hair growth. To protect the follicles from such harm, the scalp secretes sebum which covers up the follicles and protects them. Sebum production has more to its baggage! It is also beneficial for hair conditioning.

Melanin Production

If you have tried everything possible to get rid of grey hair, maybe you should consider going to the root of this problem! There is a higher chance that your follicles aren’t unfurling their colours! Hair is typically a white strand. It’s the protein created by your hair follicles called Melanin that dispenses itself in hair strands making them appear black in colour. A drop in the production of this protein loads up your crown with silver linings.

How To Maintain A Healthy Scalp And Roots?

Maintaining a healthy scalp requires nothing but just a little bit of your time and dedication to follow a regular hair care routine. Here are a few simple tips to keep your scalp happy forever.

Deep Conditioning

Pollution, heat styling and many such elements can directly affect the texture of your hair. Deep conditioning goes right at the bottom of the roots to repair and nourish them. The Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Masque, enriched with various extracts, is designed to deep-condition and impart instant manageability, visible shine and smoothness to hair. This masque also works its charm on hair fall and breakage.


A busy day comes with a lot of pollutants that clog the pores. To tackle this problem, hair exfoliation is essential as it opens up these blocked follicles thus promoting hair growth. The Kaya Root Regen Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo helps the scalp to naturally exfoliate without leaving it dry. It promotes cell renewal and imparts resilience to the hair shaft.      


Are your shoulders being dusted with dandruff? This is because your scalp is devoid of nourishment. Oiling your hair enables blood circulation in the scalp, keeping the follicles healthy and content.

Are you considering following a regular hair care routine? Here’s the best hair care guide for beginners.

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