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Why Is It Important To Have A Night Time Skin Care Routine

Why Is It Important To Have A Night Time Skin Care Routine

You may be busy snoring at night but it’s the time when your body is wide awake, working its magic on your skin! Night time is your skin’s healing period when it undergoes cell regeneration. This is when your skin care essentials are best absorbed and work effectively on your skin. A disciplined night time skin care routine also promotes blood circulation, giving your skin a luminous look when you rise and shine! Here are some of the essentials of that should be a part of your night time skin care routine.

Essentials In Your Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hydrate Your Skin

It’s not only you who’s breathing at night; it’s your skin as well. When the body goes through the process of repair and maintenance, your skin requires water to nourish the skin cells. The Kaya Replenishing Night Cream is developed with a luxurious formula that hydrates skin and improves its texture while you sleep. Its restorative action works on the first signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

‘Concentrate’ On Your Skin

Your skin is in dire need of some real concentration during the night! It is prone to all kinds of troubles ranging from acne breakouts to fine lines. The Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate is a non-oily formulation that penetrates deep into skin and prevents collagen breakdown. It also kicks out fine lines and makes your skin firmer.

Moisturizing Your  Skin Is A Must

Hydration and moisturization may seem to be the same but are yet very different! Skin’s sebum production capacity reduces at night which makes it rough and dry. Which is why, providing enough moisture to your skin becomes necessary. The Kaya Brightening Night Cream is exactly what your skin is looking for! This cream is specially formulated to work at night resulting in visibly soft, fresh and luminous skin. Its non-oily formula is quickly absorbed by your skin, leaving it with an even tone.

Don’t Forget The Eyes

We use various beauty products to pamper our skin but often forget to focus on our eyes. Our eyes are a sensitive organ and so is the skin around it. The arrival of dark circles can change our look from a human to a zombie! The Kaya Brightening & Firming Eye Serum is enriched with a combination of botanical extracts that target puffiness and discoloration around the eyes. Its formula helps in enhancing firmness around the eyes as well.

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