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Why Home Remedies Are Not Always The Best Option

Why Home Remedies Are Not Always The Best Option

Isn’t a home remedy the most convenient option these days that every website, magazine and newspaper suggests? And why won’t it be, especially when we have so many ‘internet experts’ trying to solve our hair and skin concerns without even physically taking a look at our problem. Homemade DIY is the most common solution that these internet experts tend to offer. Accept it or not, we keep trying these DIYs with the hope of an instant redressal. But have you ever thought about the damage that these home remedies can do to your skin and hair? Read on to find out.

Are Home Remedies A Red Alert?

If your acne has gotten worse and a DIY natural face pack was resting on your face last night then you know who exactly is to be blamed! The ingredients used as home remedies may not always suit your skin or hair type. Such ingredients can worsen the texture of your skin and hair making them dry and prone to damage. Sometimes ingredients used as home remedies are combined with chemicals. This can also affect the texture of your skin and hair. The concerns that you are facing may also be the beginning of a major ailment. Home remedies might provide a superficial solution but they won’t be helpful in completely rooting out the problem.

Is An Actual Expert Opinion Needed?

An Expert Opinion is a must have, when it comes to your skin and hair. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin either of them due to some remedial tutorial! With an expert opinion, any treatment advised will be as per your skin or hair type, thus avoiding damage. This is exactly what Kaya does! The team at Kaya consists of expert dermatologists who assess the consumer’s need and recommend appropriate solutions customized to one’s need. This is followed by in-clinic solutions that are designed and supervised by these dermatologists and trained beauty therapists.

Don’t risk the two of your most important beauty assets in order to save a few bucks! Book an appointment at Kaya immediately before things go out of hand!

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