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What you should know about changing lifestyles and their effect on your vulnerable skin

What you should know about changing lifestyles and their effect on your vulnerable skin

One of the things people notice about you when they first meet you is your appearance. And if you’re someone who is prone to constant skin outbreaks like acne, pimple, blackheads, and others, chances are your current lifestyle might be the one triggering it. Though the advances in dermatology can help you get a treatment done and do away with something as persistent as acne, it still comes at a cost.  

If you’re just getting started in the world of dermatology, Kaya’s acne scar removal laser treatment, can be a great pick. But if you’re still hesitant, you can start making conscious changes in your lifestyle to improve the health of your skin holistically.  

Here are a few common areas the neglect of which can cause issues with your skin:  


Healthy and wholesome foods affect not just the vitality of your internal organs but also your external organ, like skin. High intake of carbs, processed foods, and sugar can speed up your body’s ageing process and make your skin look dull. On the other hand, healthy and fresh foods are rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin A and C, antioxidants, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, and others. There are certain food groups that trigger the outbreak of acne like dairy products or oily food. Maintain a food journal to note down what you eat so that you can keep a tab on the foods that lead to outbreaks as well.  


Cutting back on alcohol can have a tremendous impact on the texture and health of your skin. Drinking on a regular basis can dehydrate the inner linings of your pancreas and liver and cause a significant loss of fluid from your skin. It also inflames the skin and leads to breakout of acne that can change the texture of your skin from smooth to dry. If you give up drinking, your skin cells will start regenerating faster and all your skin woes would diminish. Drinking water regularly, on the other hand, will have a diuretic effect on your body and help flush out toxins from the system.  


Quitting smoking will not only help you reduce the chances of getting cancer but will also improve the quality of your skin tremendously. Smoking causes your internal organs to contract and reduces the rate of blood circulation. This in turn leads to cells aging and degeneration that makes you look older than you actually are. Smoking also delays the recovery and repair of your cells, and increases the congestion of the pores. Indulging in this habit also leads to poor skin tone, sagging skin, and lines around the lips, psoriasis, wrinkles, age spots, crow ’s feet, and other skin troubles.  


With the busy lifestyle we lead, stress is unavoidable. Sometimes the reason your skin looks dull or has frequent skin eruptions might be solely because of the stressful life you’re leading. Find ways you can combat your stress like walking, jogging, yoga, and outdoor sports. Take regular breaks at work, do breathing exercises, sleep for the appropriate number of hours, and eat well to lower your stress levels.  

Stubbing some old habits and finding healthier ones to replace them will help you live the life you want. Keep these things in mind to achieve the skin of your dreams.

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