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Women's Day Skincare - Celebrate Yourself Everyday | Kaya #WhatWomenWant - Blog

Women's Day Skincare - Celebrate Yourself Everyday | Kaya #WhatWomenWant - Blog

If there’s one thing we can all universally relate to as women, it’s that we’ve always been told what we want. Never has society once thought to ask us about our own wishes and desires. 


The instances are countless. From your entire neighbourhood becoming “kundli” experts thinking they have a say in who/when you should marry, to the whole public deeming themselves your personal stylist having an opinion on your outfits, to your fitness trainer telling you what you can and cannot eat (okay, this last one’s obviously a joke). 


Ps. But yeah, on my cheat days, I do want to stuff my face with some greasy fries and juicy burgers instead of grazing on some leaves. Duh. 


People always seem to think they know what’s best for us but this Women’s Day and every day hereon, we’re reclaiming our narrative, our way. 


While they may think that all of our life goals are restricted to perfecting those round rotis in the kitchen (you know, the roundness of the rotis is directly proportional to your chances at finding a husband) and then feeding those rotis to your family, our desires are a little more “out of the box”. 


We take pleasure in the simple joys of life. A basic self-care day - whether it’s a quick tutorial on “how to take care of skin” or whether it’s lying perched on the couch bingeing on your favourite show, can do wonders for our happiness more than finding a husband ever could. 


Then, there are also battles that we have to fight in terms of beauty standards. Many common beauty stereotypes that revolve around your weight, skin, and general appearance. Why must this be another thing that is pre-decided for us? That society assumes there is only a singular idea of what it means to be beautiful? 


What women want is really, to be honest. If getting a beauty treatment that helps you feel like your best self is what you want, then that’s what you should get. If staying in bed all day and snacking on carbs is what you want, then let no one tell you otherwise. To be yourself is beautiful. And beautiful is you.


If you’re looking to treat yourself and your skin to celebrate yourself, there’s no other place to be than here. Kaya offers 600+ customised services that are guided by 100+ world class dermatologists and skin care specialists, to bring you 60+ expert, state of the art luxury skin care products, and 18 years of understanding Indian skin like no one else. From laser treatment for hair removal to anti-aging treatment, we have something for all of your individual beauty needs.
For some special Women’s Day skincare and TLC, all you have to do is walk through the doors of one of our skin care clinics. We don’t believe in telling you what you want. Instead, we let you tell us what ‘you’ really want and we only work towards making it a reality! This is your world. We’re just here to celebrate you. We’re here to celebrate women. Book an online appointment with us today.

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