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What Is The Best Solution For Body Hair Removal

What Is The Best Solution For Body Hair Removal

None of us like the itchy, uncomfortable feeling that comes with hair growth. Besides, who has time to shave every few days or the patience to wait till new hair grows enough to get a wax? All hair removal methods can get tedious and inconvenient at times. So the best way then, is to get a permanent laser hair removal treatment. It is very effective and can give you beautiful, flawless skin without having to worry about those few pesky flecks remaining ignored!

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

A lot about Laser Hair Reduction depends on different factors like skin type, category of hair growth etc. And since the factors are unique to each individual, Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch helps each customer with a customized plan that is suitable to their concerns. In order to achieve this, the services are monitored and guided by dermatologists who help pick a service that is suitable to your skin and hair type. At Kaya, we follow a 3 step process to ensure your skin gets all the care and attention it deserves, while you enjoy a comfortable and memorable experience.

  1. Understand your skin type, hair type and growth pattern in detail
  2. Experience laser on a small area of your skin to check your skin sensitivity
  3. Customized service under a certified laser therapist under the supervision of a dermatologist

Advanced technology which is absolutely safe for Indian skin type is used. This service targets the hair follicles to reduce your body hair from the roots without having any effect on the surrounding skin. It's suitable for all skin types, and minimum 6 sessions are recommended for best results- smooth, hair-free skin.

Which Laser Is Used?

US FDA approved Nd-YAG laser technology is used for this treatment.

How Effective Is It?

This service is fast and very effective. So you can take the treatment during lunch hour on a busy Monday morning and return to work within the hour! Now isn’t that what you were looking for?

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Flaunt You Glorious, Smooth Skin With Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction.

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