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What Is Pigmentation And How Can You Treat It?

What Is Pigmentation And How Can You Treat It?

Skin pigmentation affects the colour of your skin. Melanin is the colour pigment which constitutes the skin. Many cells make up melanin and when those cells get damaged or become unhealthy, it affects the melanin in your skin. With excessive production of melanin, your skin tends to get darker. This ultimately causes patches on your skin. To treat this skin disorder, which is fairly common after a certain age, check out these skin products to keep the pigmentation in control.

  • Kaya Regenerating Day Cream This day cream contains the extraordinary combination of potent whitening and youth renewing actives. It has been enriched with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extracts, which help fight the signs ofaging and give flawlessly radiant skin.


  • Kaya Brightening Serum The Brightening Serum contains a potent active lightening complex known to even the skin tone, lighten freckles and age spots as well as reduce hyper-pigmented areas. The unique ingredients specialize in having a regulatory effect on melanin skin pigmentation.


  • Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher This light cream is formulated to whiten and rejuvenateaging skin using its youth renewing actives. It repaired skin faster in order to make it flawless, smooth, firm and radiant.


  • Kaya Creamy Exfoliating Rinse The pure botanical extracts and derma-beads in this exfoliator help stimulate skin’s natural renewal process. It removes dead skin cells leaving fresh, soft and smooth skin with a luminous complexion.


  • Kaya Refining Mist Thisalcohol free refining mist helps detoxify skin and maintain its natural pH. It rejuvenates the skin and gives your face a natural glow and healthy color with regular use.


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