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What Is Acne Face Mapping & How to Decode Acne Causes?

What Is Acne Face Mapping & How to Decode Acne Causes?

Acne/pimple on the forehead

Redness or puffiness of the forehead could be signs of a dandruff problem or indicative of trouble in the digestive system or bladder. Apart from this, sugary or overly rich foods can also cause pimples on the forehead. To control this, and add a few cups of green tea to your diet. If dandruff is the root cause, a specialist can help eliminate the problem.

Acne/pimple between your eyes

This area is linked to your liver and heart. Breakouts are your body’s way of asking you to reduce alcohol consumption, dairy and fat intake. A restful night's sleep and 30 minutes of daily exercise will go a long way to treat acne between your eyes.

Acne/pimple around your eyes and ears

Are you working too hard, stressed out or drinking too much coffee? Your liver, kidney and adrenal glands are being overworked. It's time to cut back on soda and caffeine and catch up on some much needed R&R. Remember to rehydrate!

Acne/pimple on cheeks

Breakout causes in this area may be as simple as oil and dirt transferred from your cell phone or pillow, or related to more complicated habits like smoking, resulting in broken capillaries. Acne on the lower parts of your cheeks could indicate a dental problem so you might need a dentist to take a closer look.

Acne/pimple on nose

Breakouts on the nose may be due to high blood pressure, or constipation. A balanced diet, rich in greens will address the stomach trouble, but blood pressure problems need complete lifestyle realignment.

Acne/pimple on chin

Pimple on the chin is usually linked to eating greasy foods. But breakouts on the sides of the chin are linked to stress or hormonal imbalances at the time of your monthly cycle. Hydrating well can help control breakouts here.

So next time you are faced with an acne breakout, pay close attention to face mapping and seek help accordingly.

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