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What do your lips speak about you?

What do your lips speak about you?

How about we find out what your lips have to say about you!

Thin Lips

If you have thin lips, you are most likely to be thoughtful, detail- oriented and spontaneous. You are usually compassionate, but might come across as an introvert and reticent. To strike a balance in your features, stick to glossy nude lipsticks. You can also opt for neutral pink lipstick and finish it off with a transparent lip gloss to add some oomph.. Additionally, you can also apply an illuminator on your cupid’s bow to add some volume.

Wide Lips Most of you who have wide lips are perfectionist and talented. You have a lively persona and due to this, you attract attention from people. Since you are successful at what you do, you determine your own fate. You can either go nude or spruce up your lips. You can make your lips look slightly small by lining your lips just inside your natural lip line. Make sure to stop right before the inside corners of your lips. Wear a lip balm for the day look and a darker shade matte lipstick for the night.

Fuller Lips

If you are blessed with voluptuous lips, you surely come across as a confident and bold person. It is beautiful to have perfect symmetrical lips as they make you look irresistible. All you need to keep them soft is to use a simple lip balm or moisturiser. The best part of fuller lips is that you do not need to shape them and can go easy with lip liner. Just add a bit of colour and it will work to your best.

Round lips    

Mostly women with round shaped lips have a streak of being a rebel and know how to flirt.  You have a natural, vivacious appeal that draws people to you. You also possess a bold fashion style. To enhance your natural pouty lips, we suggest you pick a coloured lip gloss. To extend your lip shape, apply a lip liner at the outer corners of your mouth.         

Bow-shaped lips

If you are one of those who have lips that are heart-shaped, then you are sensitive, seductive and liberated woman. You are a go-getter and know want you want. You also know how to enjoy life. You love to look glamorous and you are bold enough to speak your mind. Given your personality, you can wear all colours right from soft shades to dark and deep shades. To finish the look apply a transparent gloss.

Downward-turned lips

Mystery is your middle name if you have downward lips. You are private yet a witty woman. You can be picky at times and it can be difficult to please you. You will look best in lip shades that are neutral or sheer. Outline your lips with neutral liner and fill your lips with sheer lip shade to complete the look.    

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