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What are the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products?

What are the Best Anti Aging Skin Care  Products?

Age is just a number and Kaya stands by that with the help of these wonders which deliver younger looking, flawless skin in no time. 

Kaya White Resilience Range

Kaya white resilience refining mist

The White Resilience mist is an alcohol free toner which detoxifies skin and helps maintain its natural pH. It is a potent concoction made with natural anti-oxidants like Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extracts. White Resilince is your answer to brighter, fresher and luminious skin. The product should be applied regularly and gives optimum results when used along with the Exfoliating Rinse and All Day Brightening Cream.

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Kaya white resilience creamy exfoliating rinse

This luxurious cream cleanser is the perfect partner to the refining mist. Made from botanical extracts of Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry along with derma-beads, it gently scrubs and cleanses skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate its natural renewal process. The result is softer and smoother skin within a few days.

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Kaya white resilience overnight brightening nourisher

This nourishing cream is dedicated to restoring the skin’s youthful look delivering brighter skin. Its contents - Purple Orchid & Japanese Cherry extract and the Imperata Cylindrica extract combine to penetrate the skin cells and infuse the skin with water in order to improve skin elasticity and reduce collagen breakdown. The product works tirelessly through the night, when you are fast asleep, to deliver bright, flawless skin the next day.

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Kaya white resilience all day brightening cream

This luxurious brightening cream, like its counterparts, fights ageing skin and protects it against harsh external elements all day long. The product helps your skin retain its glow through the day. 

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Kaya refine & Renew (Revive and Firm)

This treatment is developed by Kaya to protect the skin against free radicals - one of the major causes of skin ageing. It contains anti-oxidants like Curcumin extracts and Vitamin E which are excellent for the skin and along with its intensive action formula it promotes the formation of collagen.​

Kaya refine & renew Antox vit-c formula

Vitamin C is an essential component in the body’s production of collagen and a potent antioxidant that rejuvenates ageing skin by eliminating dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This formula is specially created for those looking for a non-oily and highly absorbing gel for daily use.

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Kaya refine & renew skin rejuvenating serum

Fortified with Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) Complex, this miracle serum aids cell renewal and turnover, erases fine lines and helps the skin appear younger and firmer.

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Kaya youthfull excell range

Kaya youthfull excell derma collagen intense solution

This anti-ageing solution helps in reducing the depth of wrinkles by increasing collagen production and filling each skin cell with collagen. It tightens skin by restoring its elasticity so that it does not tend to sag. It restores moisture and gives it a natural glow.

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Kaya youthfull excell derma stemness benefactor

Created with the help of breakthrough research in plant stem cell, this cream activates its powers to preserve the micro environment of skin cells and promote their regenerative capacity to tackle ageing from its very roots.

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Kaya youthfull excell derma stemness reviving serum

This oil-free serum restores the vitality of your skin by protecting its regenerative cells. Created from Argan plant stem cells with advanced liposome technology, the formula targets every nook and corner to reach each and every regenerative cell. 

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