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Ways to keep bloating at bay

Ways to keep bloating at bay

Summer is just around the corner and we know you desire to wear your favourite body hugging dress or wear those new pants that you just got. But we know what is coming between your desires– bloating. Yes, bloating at times can create issues and lead to abdominal bloating. Sometimes you will see even your ankles or feet bloated.

We are all aware that getting exercise and drinking water can reduce bloating, but besides that there are other quick fixes that can be tried to keep bloating away.

Avoid aerated drinks

Sipping on aerated water can cause gas problems. Aerated water is very unhealthy and can cause various health issues. Opt for fresh juices or lemon water as they are healthier.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Your body is not designed to adapt to anything that is artificial in nature. This stands true for artificial sweeteners. Your body is unable to digest them which can result into bloating. So keep away from sugar free candies or artificial sweeteners used in tea or coffee. It is best to use sugar in natural form in your daily tea or coffee.

Eat slowly

As kids we were always asked to chew our food and eat slowly. Guess our mothers knew that it causes bloating. Chewing your food properly helps with the digestion process as there is a breakdown of enzymes faster. This will prevent indigestion and cut down bloating.

Eat cooked food

Raw food is difficult to digest as it takes time to break down the fibres. Cooking your vegetables prevents indigestion as the tough fibre is softened. This brings down the process of digestion which prevents bloating issues.

Go easy on salt

High sodium consumption leads to fluid retention, which is one of the top reasons of bloating. Avoid extra salt on food. High salt intake also causes blood pressure issues. To balance out high sodium intake is by consuming potassium. Grab a banana when you feel bloated as it is high in potassium content.

Avoid starch

Meals that are high on carbs can be difficult to digest. Avoid consuming them late in the evening. It is best to avoid pasta, pizza or rice dishes as it can alleviate bloating. Have starchy food in the day time as you are active, but eating them before you head to bed can lead to bloating the next day.

Hope these suggestions help you fight bloating. Experts always advice to not skip meals to fight bloating issues. It will be advisable to exercise to de-bloat yourself. 

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