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Volumize And Energize Your Hair With Kaya

Volumize And Energize Your Hair With Kaya
Hair is such an integral part of our looks that thin hair is something we don’t want and hair loss is truly nightmare-inducing. That is why dermatologists at Kaya have developed the Kaya Vital Volume Range. A three step hair regimen, which can put an end to your hair loss woes. Packed with the right ingredients, this range will come to your rescue!

Kaya Root Energizing Oil

This oil has been specially formulated to give a new lease of life to thin and limp hair. It is lightweight and non-sticky, yet nourishing. It is infused with three exotic oils of Macadamia, Olive & Avocado. The Kaya Root Energizing Oil is the perfect option for thinning hair as it not only prevents hair fall but also makes hair shinier. Additionally, it smoothens your hair while nourishing the scalp.

Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo

The next step in this regimen is following the oil with Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo. It is enriched with rice proteins and fruit extracts along with Hexapeptide which help in volumizing your hair. The mild formula is gentle on your hair follicles and gets rid of excess sebum from hair and scalp. This is a product you should resort to if you’re familiar with the agony of limp and lifeless hair.

Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque

If you’re skipping a hair masque after shampooing, you’re definitely not doing it right. Make Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque your best friend and thinning hair will be a thing of the past! Formulated to impart strength to the hair strands, the masque also controls moisture balance and gives a lift to the strands. It contains Hexapeptide and superfoods like rice proteins and fruit extracts to boost the volume in your hair. The Vital Volume range is sure to give you the voluminous hair that you’ve dreamed of! Read about 4 Ways You Can Prevent Hair Loss to know how you can get the best hair of your life.
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