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Various ways to remove Ear & Nose Hair

All men are aware that they have to deal with hair growth on the chest, back, shoulder, face and even hair in the pubic region. However, most men are clueless about how to deal with hair that grows from the nose and ears.
Methods like shaving, trimming, cutting, plucking and waxing are fairly common forms of hair removal for both men and women, regardless of where the hair is located. One method that is specific to males is called burning or the “ear candle” treatment.
In recent times, laser ear hair removal has also gained popularity amongst men who don’t wish to deal with such hair more than once. Starting with the most popular ear and nose hair removal options, men can choose to either shave, trim or simply cut away ear and nose hair.

Various Methods to remove Nose or Ear Hair



Scissors shaped specifically for snipping ear and nose hair are available in the market and many popular electronic brands make nose/ear hair trimmers that have special blades to buzz/trim the hair inside your nasal and ear canals. The results achieved using these methods aren't permanent, but are definitely painless.

The burning or “Ear Candle” treatment

Ear candle treatment involves wrapping a cotton ball around barber's scissors which is then dipped in special alcohol and lit on fire before being tapped against the ears. The fire singes the hair, burning them till the skin.
It's a unique treatment, but can be very painful if not done exactly right.


Plucking of hair works on the principle that as long as you can see the ear or nose hair, you can pull them out using a pair of tweezers. However, the fact that the strands of hair are located on the ears will lead to some difficulty in tweezing or plucking. This method also has the added risk of infection in your ears.


Waxing your ear canals is an odd option, but it can be done fairly easily. The process involves a thorough cleaning of the ear canal and baby powder is sprinkled on the inside of the ear. An ear-bud dipped in wax is then placed in the ear, and once the wax cools sufficiently enough to grip the hair, it is yanked out. This is an effective way of getting rid of ear hair, but the risk of damage and infection is slightly higher.

Laser Hair Removal for Nose or Ear

If complete removal is what is being aimed at, then laser ear hair removal is currently considered as the most effective option. It isn’t capable of providing the permanent results that electrolysis offers, however the risk of damage to your ear is much lower. If one is aiming for at least a few years of hair-free ears, laser ear hair removal is worth the investment. The advantages of this procedure are that it yields long term results with a low risk of damage, while being less painful than most other methods. However, laser ear hair removal is expensive and difficult to perform considering the angles of the ear and canal.Any one of the methods mentioned above would help a man become more conscious of his appearance in terms of dealing with hair present in and around the nose and ears. It all depends on the level of investment being made that will determine the results.
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