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Various Hair Removal Methods: Which Method Suits You The Best?

Various Hair Removal Methods: Which Method Suits You The Best?

Being hairless and not having to go through the pain of waxing/threading/shaving would be quite blissful, but it is a basic necessity for us to be well-groomed. Whether you choose to wax, shave, thread or use Laser hair removing treatments such as Kaya’s Hair Free Gentle touch to get rid of your hair, you must make sure that you have all the information to make the right decision.


Wax is made with the combination of sugar, honey and lemon. The mix is applied to the skin and then with the help of a strip, the wax is pulled off the skin in the opposite direction of the hair. As waxing pulls the hair out from the roots, the hair grows back slowly. The waxed area tends to be hairless for between two–four weeks, depending upon your texture and growth cycle. This treatment can be relatively inexpensive and can be done at home or a salon. Due to the pulling action, there is some pain, but it tends to reduce with each treatment as the hair reduces after a while. However, do not wax if you use certain types of prescribed acne creams (like Retin-A) or take isotretinoin. 


Shaving is a painless option to achieve hair free legs and arms. A sharp razor and a shaving lotion or gel is required to achieve smooth skin. However, the hair grows back faster than waxing and you are likely to get nicks or cuts as well as ingrowths as only the upper layer is removed. Shaving is best suited for people with fine or light hair.


Threading is a good option for smaller, sensitive areas such as eyebrows, face and the mouth area. Threading is much quicker than tweezing and also gives you cleaner lines. Avoid threading larger areas as it can lead to ingrown hair or scarring.

Laser Hair Removal:

Waxing, shaving and threading are all temporary treatments. To provide you with a more long-term solution, Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch works on the root but doesn’t affect the surrounding area. After a few sessions the hair growth reduces. Waxing, shaving and threading, over a period of time, cause in-growth which blocks the pores but with Kaya’s HairFree Gentle Touch, there is nothing to worry about.

Laser hair removal needs patience as the results are not immediate. Also, in between each session you would have to let your hair grow, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to bid adieu to the monthly parlour sessions. It is best to do your research and see which method suits you best. If you are looking for something long term, then laser is the way to go.

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