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Various Hair Reduction Methods

Various Hair Reduction Methods

Self-grooming has come a long way since it first started.  Since time immemorial, a lot of stress has been placed on the importance of female grooming. Body hair has always been viewed as unsightly and unappealing and improper grooming has led to the rise of insecurities and low self-confidence in women.

That being said, there are innumerable hair reduction methods that have come into being, in order to help women groom themselves and bring about a certain aesthetic to their looks.

1. Threading

Threading is a type of epilation using a thread. This grooming technique originated in Iran, India, Central Asia and China and then slowly moved into the West. While this is a popular, inexpensive practice to remove facial hair, the procedure is painful and the effects will last for no longer than a week or two.

2. Waxing

Waxing, as we know, is a popular hair removal technique which involves the unwanted body hair being pulled out of the skin using hot wax and paper/cloth strips. Although effective, this method is known to be painful and expensive in the long run.

3. Hair Reduction Cream

While waxing seemed like an effective solution at the time, today women do prefer a more pain-free way of getting rid of body hair.  This need, gave rise to the creation of the hair reduction cream. Hair reduction creams or depilatory creams, as some people call it, work by breaking down the keratin structure (hair protein) and dissolve the base of the hair to the point that they can be broken off. While hair reduction creams are a painless, easy way to remove hair, they are still a temporary solution and need to be done every now and then. In addition to this, every person has a different skin type and by using the wrong type of cream, it is possible that you could get a number of skin issues such as rashes, pigmentation etc.

4. Epilators

Much like the thread assisted hair reduction procedure, epilators are electrical devices that work by yanking off hair strands from the body. Although they seem to be easy to use and can be done without assistance, they can be painful and may cause irritation to the skin.

5. Shaving

Shaving is one of the most popular hair reduction techniques used in this day and age. Shaving works by using a razor to slice off the hair strands by running the blade over your skin. The issue with this method is that while it can be done at home, it doesn't help in removing the hair structure from the root and is, therefore, a temporary solution.

6. Laser Hair Reduction

Over time, hair reduction techniques started to improve at an incredible rate. A few years ago, however, a major revolution came about, which combined all the positive attributes of every hair reduction technique that has been created until now. Done with the assistance of an experienced dermatologist, the laser hair reduction treatment works by using lasers that target the hair follicle- causing it to get damaged. This process is painless, long-term and causes minimal to no side effects. This also happens to be a very cost-effective method. As it is a one-time expense and since the results are semi-permanent, one would not have to use other Laser Hair Reduction techniques later on. 

That brings said, Kaya brings to you, their Hair Free Gentle Touch laser hair reduction treatment. This treatment has been devised by our dermatologists using advanced US FDA approved technology to help you achieve the hairless and smooth skin you have always wanted in a pain-free treatment.

So book your appointment today and read all about some common laser Hair Reduction myths busted in our blog.

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