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Try pure pore cleansing facial for your acne: The Why, How and When!

Try pure pore cleansing facial for your acne: The Why, How and When!

When was the last time you stepped out from your home with minimal makeup and were confident in your skin? Can’t remember?  

Your acne can be your worst enemy and the acne scars can make your skin look dull and dry and steal away your limelight.  

When your pores get clogged with excess oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, or dirt, the result is acne break outs. Hormonal fluctuations too can lead to acne eruption on the surface of the skin during the menstrual cycle. Many people nowadays prefer getting laser skin treatment for acne scars. But treating acne like this isn’t always budgeting friendly and can be a recurring expense if not treated properly.  

Let’s take a look at why Kaya Skin Care Clinic's Pure pore Cleansing Facial might just be what you’re looking for.  

What’s pure pore clear skin?  

Kaya’s pure pore Clear Skin has been designed to target acne-causing problems at the root and improve your skin’s health. It helps your skin combat bacteria that clog your skin cells and cause the breakout of acne. Undergoing this procedure would help in releasing toxins from your skin and enrich it from deep within.  

What are the benefits of pure pore clear skin?  

When you go in for a procedure like pure pore Clear Skin, you get the following benefits.  

Thorough cleansing

Antioxidant synergistic tea blends help in soothing inflamed skin and extract the toxins from your skin to give you a refreshing feel. This serum is gently massaged into the skin to promote healthy blood circulation and increase the rate of cell regeneration.  


Once the cleansing is done, a des-incrustation mask is placed over the face and neck to help your skin rejuvenate. The salicylic acid present helps in controlling excess oil and unclogging pores. It’s then replaced with a Sea Mud Mask that does deep pore cleansing. The mineral rich and ichthammol content of the Sea Mud help in absorbing oil without drying your skin.  


You are then massaged with a moisturising serum that has an active Porphyridium Complex. This helps in controlling excess oil and gives your skin the right glow, while also reducing flakiness and dryness. The Zinc Oxide content of this serum helps in providing daily protection, matting the skin, and reducing red marks.  

What should you do post the treatment?  

You’d be asked to take certain precautions like following a strict dietary regime and using certain products to maintain the effect of the treatment. Kaya Advanced Acne Clear kit will be provided to you to help cleanse, tone, correct, and nourish your skin regularly.  The Purifying Cleanser from the kit will help you in cleansing the pores from deep within, and removing excess oil and dirt. The Purifying Toner would gently exfoliate the skin and soothe the skin while the Purifying Nourisher with its aloe vera content would help in giving it softer texture. This kit also comes with a Purifying Spot Corrector that can help you minimise the intensity of acne overnight. All these products are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic to give you the best results without any side-effects.  

So the next time you fear an acne outbreak drop in at Kaya Skin Care Clinic and get assisted by expert dermatologists to fight the root cause of acne. 

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