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Travel tips for the avid traveller

Travel tips for the avid traveller

Web check- in

Even though this feature is easily available, most of us do not make use of it. It is very handy  when you are hurry or stuck in traffic and want to avoid standing in queues. Plus using this  feature allows you to choose your seat. Just keep in mind it is available 24 hours prior to  flight time. 

Have a back-up

Travelling in an unknown city or country always comes with insecurities. It can get worse if  you lose all your documents. So scan all your important documents and have a digital back up  on an external hard drive as well as have them saved online.

Be patient

Do not lose your head over things that are beyond your control. Life is way too short to be  annoyed all the time. Did you miss your train? Relax, there will be another one. ATM is out of  cash? Always have some extra cash as back-up. Lost in the city? Take an unplanned detour  and explore the city. Sometimes things go wrong regardless. Be prepared.

Have an open mind

Avoid judging people if their views are different from the ones you have. It is supercilious to  assume their views are wrong and you stand correct. Be more accepting to suggestions,  interests and cultures while travelling. It will become easier and you might learn a thing or  two.


Want to understand the culture and the people? We suggest you spend some time observing  the daily life of a place. Take a halt in a park or  sit on a bench at a busy street. Watch the  life as it happens. It will help you slow down your thoughts and you can keep a watch on  human interactions. It will help you notice stuff you never noticed in your daily routine.

Ditch the heavy suitcases

Want to travel faster? Then dump those heavy suitcases and travel light. Carry stuff that you  need. Mix and match clothes, carry economy size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, roll  your clothes instead of folding (rolled clothes occupy less space). It does take a lot of self- control to pack only the things you really need, but once you get the hang of it, you would  prefer to travel light. This habit will not only help you check-in faster but also help you walk  faster.


Doing this will smoothen out lot of your problems while travelling. Always make an eye  contact and smile at the locals. Be welcoming. It is the best way to make new friends who  can help you when you are stuck somewhere.

Be good to yourself

Being on a vacation means you forget or avoid following your routine. You may not work out  or get enough sleep or binge on food. Remember you need to treat your body well, keep  yourself hydrated, apply sunscreen (yes, you need to do this even while you are on vacation).  Carry Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen that protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays while also  sufficiently hydrating the skin without making it sticky.


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